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NASC Member Success at 2014 Construction News Specialist Awards

NASC Member success at 2014 construction news specialist awards

NASC members have been successful in the Construction News Specialist Awards 2014, which took place on March 19 at the London Hilton on Park Lane in London – scooping awards in the 2014 Project of the Year and Access and Scaffolding Specialist of the Year categories.

Allied Scaffolding Ltd won the 2014 Access & Scaffolding Specialist Award, for their outstanding work on Manchester Town Hall, and Cornish member company Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding Ltd won the prestigious 2014 Specialist project of the Year for their amazing work on the South Crofty Tin Mine (up to 500K category).

Furthermore, NASC Member companies Malvern Scaffolding Ltd, Crossway Scaffolding (Elland) Ltd, Network Scaffolding Contractors Ltd, Millcroft Services plc and Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding Ltd (winners in 2012 & 2013) were all nominated (along with eventual winners Allied Scaffolding Ltd) as six of the eight award finalists in the Access & Scaffolding Specialist of the Year category.

James Brierley, Managing Director of Allied Scaffolding Ltd said: “We are delighted to have won the award, and would like to thank Construction News, and our hard working staff. Thanks also to Laing O’Rourke and Manchester Council for giving us the opportunity on the Town Hall Transformation Project. It was a great night. Well done to all award winners.”

Chris Sedgeman of Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding Ltd said: “We are extremely pleased to have been given this coveted award for Project of the Year. The contract at South Crofty tin mine has been a real team effort and has attracted a lot of interest, understandably. The pyramid scaffold there featured more than 9000 Plettac System Components, 8000 boards, 20,000 fittings and 3,300 scaffold tubes. It’s been a massive task, and one we have all relished taking part in and to be given this accolade by Construction News is absolutely superb.”

Event organisers said: “Now in its 10th year, the Construction News Specialists Awards has exceeded expectations, with a record number of entries for 2014. The quality of work being produced by UK specialist contractors and submitted for the awards was once again outstanding, proving that excellent work is being carried out across the whole industry. Congratulations to all this year’s inspirational finalists.”

The award ceremony – the only one where all types of specialist contractors are judged together – attracted some 600 people from leading specialist companies and industry players, which Rebecca Evans, Editor of Construction News described as ”the best specialist contractors in the UK,” saying “we all know that specialists are at the heart of the construction industry, providing the innovation that the industry needs to survive.”

NASC’s Managing Director, Robin James said: “It’s superb to see innovative, hard-working, skilful specialist scaffolding and access NASC member companies getting recognised for their efforts and achievements in this prestigious industry award ceremony from one of the leading media players, Construction News. We have a great record of our members winning at these (and other) awards, as we would expect from companies who subscribe and adhere to our exacting scaffolding and access industry-leading standards.”

For a full list of 2014 finalists, award winners and images from the event, visit:

To obtain discover further details about becoming an NASC member, order a copy of TG20:13 or to find out more about the NASC – the scaffold industry guidance trade body organisation – visit or email:

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Inaugural CISRS Instructors Conference Success

Inaugural CISRS instructors conference success

More than 40 delegates from 22 CISRS Scaffolding Training centres attended the inaugural CISRS Instructors Conference March 14/15, at the historic NCC East Training Centre at Bircham Newton, near King’s Lynn in Norfolk – all are now calling for it to become an annual event.

NCC East (the first scaffolding training centre to be given CISRS accreditation, more than 40 years ago) played host to the new event, which featured a Friday evening social gathering and meal – giving instructors from different centres an opportunity to meet up in informal surroundings and compare ideas – and the main body of the conference, a seminar on Saturday, which looked at the Impact on all CISRS courses of the NASC’s new TG20:13 tube and fitting Technical Guidelines.

The conference seminar featured two very detailed presentations given by Terry Roberts of CADS (TG20:13 technical authors) and Simian Risk’s Simon Hughes – looking in depth at TG20:13, with eGuide demonstrations, focusing on the specific changes that will need to be incorporated to CISRS training courses, such as:

  • Incorporating the use of pre-fabricated transom units.
  • Different styles of chimney scaffolds to be included.
  • Safe method of work for erecting floor height lifts.
  • Tube and fitting stairways to be included in CISRS Part 2.
  • SITS Courses changing from two to three days.

CADS’ Terry Roberts said: “We were hoping to give the CISRS training instructors a clear understanding of the new TG20:13 documents, so that they can be confident they are passing on all of the relevant information to the new course delegates.”

CISRS Training Manager, Dave Mosley gave a presentation at the seminar, discussing TG20:13 and training implications and also the successful pilots of the Aluminium Tower training module (now completed at three CISRS centres: Training 2000, Simian Risk and NCC Midlands), which is now to be included in CISRS Part 1, 2 and Advanced courses. Mr Mosley added that a bespoke PowerPoint presentation will be distributed to the training providers shortly, which will be followed by industry promotion. The aim of the new Aluminium Tower Training course is to eliminate the requirement for some clients for CISRS qualified scaffolders to attend PASMA style courses at a later date.

Mr Mosley also discussed the new COTS (CISRS Operative Training Scheme) changes and the importance of making the courses available on a regular basis – as demand is beginning to increase within the scaffolding and access industry.

In addition there was agreement that greater standardisation of course notes across all of the centres needed to be achieved. And CISRS agreed to review Part 1, Part 2 and Advanced courses incorporating the relevant elements, so they can be issued to the providers before 1 July 2014. All of the event’s seminar PowerPoint presentations will be distributed to all CISRS training centres in order to update those instructors unable to attend the conference event and seminar.

Tony Barry, Senior Instructor at the National Construction College CITB said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for all CISRS training providers to come together and discuss how the TG20:13 suite of material would affect future CISRS training. The information and topics discussed were relevant and current. The seminar made great strides towards embedding a standardised approach for all CISRS providers and I would like to see this become annual event for all instructors.”

For further details about the new CISRS SITS courses and training changes following the introduction of TG20:13, information and dates on courses available or to find out more about CISRS, please visit or email To obtain a copy of TG20:13, please


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CISRS Launch ‘Toolbox Talk’ TG20:13 Training Videos

CISRS Launch ‘Toolbox Talk’ TG20:13 Training Videos

CISRS has launched a series of ‘Toolbox Talk’ training videos to act as teaching tools for the introduction of the NASC’s new Technical Guidance for tube and fitting scaffolding, TG20:13.

Scaffolding training expert, Simon Hughes of Simian Skills Ltd has been drafted in by CISRS to help prepare and host the videos, as well as working closely with CISRS to produce a new ‘What has changed in TG20’ guidance document, to update and assist all CISRS training in relation to TG20.

There are currently three ‘Toolbox Talk’ versions availble to view online through NASC channels (see links below): A full 19-minute video, which features an introduction to the new TG20:13 e-Guide, a shorter 12-minute version, without the e-Guide demonstration, and the separate e-Guide demonstration itself. Powerpoint versions of the training films are also available to view via the NASC website.

The Toolbox Talk videos are designed to introduce the NASC’s new Technical Guidance TG20:13 – which includes significant changes and extends the scope of standard scaffolds that can be built without the need for additional design. The new TG20:13 Operational, Design, User & e-Guides that make up the full ‘TG20 Suite‘ are all explained in detail in the videos.

CISRS Scheme Manager, Dave Mosley said: “The introduction of TG20:13 will have a profound effect on the industry and will affect all CISRS courses. We wanted to make a series of videos to help make the integration of TG20:13 as smooth as possible from a training perspective.

“These well-produced, factually-accurate and clearly-presented videos will be an invaluable training tool for scaffolding contractors, as well as CISRS-approved training providers, we would like to thank Simon Hughes and Simian Skills Ltd for their assistance in producing the videos. We are confident the industry will find them useful in getting to grips with TG20:13.”

To view the CISRS/NASC TG20:13 ‘Toolbox Talk’ training videos, please visit NASC’s YouTube page at: Or visit the NASC’s website TG20:13 section at:

And for further details about the new Scaffold Inspection (SITS) courses and training changes following the introduction of TG20:13, information and dates on courses available or to find out more about CISRS, please visit or email Also, to obtain a copy of TG20:13, please visit

TG20:13 & Changes to SITS Courses

Following the introduction of the new TG20:13 tube and fitting technical guidelines, CISRS has seen this as an opportunity to review its current course content which has reulted in them adding an extra day to the Basic SITS course – making it three days in duration. This additional day is to accommodate the extra detail and structures included within the new TG20:13 guidance but is also part of a drive to ramp up the training requirement for those wishing to carry out Scaffold inspections. It has long been felt by the scaffolding industry that 2 day courses are not sufficient to impart all of the relevant knowledge required for carrying out inspection of scaffold structures.

The revised SITS training coursework is nearing completion and the new courses will be issued to the CISRS approved providers imminently giving them plenty of time to get up to speed with the new format prior to the course becoming mandatory from 1 July 2014.

Those who have already pre-booked a CISRS two-day course with an approved provider prior to the 1 July 2014 cut-off date will still be allowed to attend the course and will be eligible to apply for a CISRS Basic Inspection card upon completion. CISRS recommends that in this situation, or for those who have previously completed the two day course, participants will need to ensure they obtain a full suite of the TG20 guidance and make themsleves aware of the changes. They could make use of the TG20 powerpoints but may also want to seek some formal TG20 training via an approved training provider.

For more information on the SITS (or other) courses, please visit or email