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CISRS CPD Courses Announced

Cisrs Cpd

CISRS CPD Courses Announced

CISRS has announced that from 1 June 2017 it will introduce a two day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course, which will become a mandatory requirement prior to Scaffolder or Advanced Scaffolder card renewal.

CPD is an issue which has been discussed at length within the sector for over 10 years. Following correspondence with the HSE in 2015 urging CISRS to introduce CPD, as the scheme had been in existence for over 40 years without a formal route, it was agreed that the introduction of CPD would ensure that cardholders were kept up to date with the latest legislation and industry guidance.

“We are aware that good employers strive to keep their workforce up to speed with changes within the industry, but this is not always the case. With a transient workforce and no formal programme for achieving this we cannot be sure exactly what information has been passed onto whom.

“The basic principle of CPD and/or refresher training is a good one. However, we are all too aware that this comes at a cost not only for the training itself, but also loss of production etc. As such we are looking to ensure that the course provides the most gain for the least pain and offers the scaffolder and their employer some real value added training,” said Dave Mosley, CISRS Scheme Manager.

CPD has been a regular agenda item at Access and Scaffolding Industry Training Organisation (ASITO) meetings, and a working party of CISRS representatives, scaffolding contractors and training providers was formed to take this forward.

Mike Burr, Managing Director of LTC Group 87 and a member of the CPD working party said: “The introduction of CPD for CISRS card holders will be another much needed step forward within our ever progressing industry and will receive my full support in my role as ASITO Chairman. As both an employer and training provider to the scaffold industry we welcome the introduction of CPD to further underpin what is already an excellent nationally recognised scheme.”

The working group began to put together a “wish list” of topics which they felt should be included within a CPD course aiming to focus on essential areas.

Full details will be confirmed later in the year, but it is proposed that CISRS CPD Course Content will cover:

  • SG4:15 – Inclusive of SG19 and harness training.
  • TG20:13 – Inclusive of masonry anchors.
  • General scaffolding knowledge testing.
  • RAMS.
  • SG6 – Manual handling, inclusive of ropes and wheels and knots.
  • MATS.
  • Scaffold inspection.
  • Trends in accidents and reporting accidents.
  • Part Two re-cap.
  • Impact wrenches.
  • Vehicles.
  • Communication – Inclusive of scaffolder responsibilities and behaviour.
  • Edge protection and roof works.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • PPE – Responsibilities of employer.
  • Incomplete scaffolds – Inclusive of signage and access.
  • System scaffold awareness.
  • Protection of the public.

CISRS are also looking to include a Health & Safety test within the 2-day course which would then be accepted as a recognised exemption to the current Health and Safety and Environment Test (H&S&E). As such the scaffolder would not have to lose additional time undertaking the H&S&E test on another working day.

The courses will be delivered by CISRS Accredited training providers. The majority of the course content will be the same for both Scaffolders and Advanced Scaffolders – with the main difference being the scaffold structures used for the practical inspection sessions.

Dave Mosley added: “Now the basic principle has been agreed we will be working to fine tune the content. We really feel that the introduction of CPD is right for the scheme and the industry. We realise that this is a big change for the sector and as such we are giving everyone plenty of notice before this goes live, we want all scaffolders and employers to be aware that CPD is coming.”

For a full a list of approved CISRS training providers, further details about CISRS card courses, OSTS news, training changes following the introduction of SG4:15 and TG20:13, information and dates on courses available or to find out more about CISRS, please visit or email for more assistance.

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NASC To Launch New Scaffolding Product Innovation Award


NASC To Launch New Scaffolding Product Innovation Award

The NASC is launching a new biennial Scaffolding Product Innovation Award – celebrating the very best developments in new scaffolding materials and products from leading industry suppliers.

The process for award submissions will be revealed in June, on the NASC website, across social media platforms and via e-shots. And the inaugural award will be presented at the confederation’s AGM in Amsterdam on November 25th (and thereafter every two years) – following an independent judging process, featuring a panel of leading access and scaffolding experts in the UK.

Innovative entries will be accepted for any widely used scaffolding material, or access and scaffolding product from NASC member companies.

Chair of the NASC Hire, Sale & Manufacturing Committee, TRAD Group MD, Des Moore, said: “The scaffolding industry is constantly evolving, and product-based hire, sale and manufacturing member companies are at the forefront of driving these changes. As such, we felt it was time to recognise this and champion those companies and individuals who are creating products that make the industry a safer place to work in.”

NASC MD Robin James added: “This is a new and worthy award to complement the existing biennial NASC Health & Safety award, and to encourage best practice in the access and scaffolding industry. We look forward to getting this new award off the ground at the AGM this year and receiving innovative entries from across the membership for independent judgement and recognition.”

For details of the new biennial scaffold product award, to order copies of the new SG4:15:You pocket guide, for information on the latest Technical Guidance (TG) and Safety Guidance (SG) notes, the TG20:13 full suite and the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member, please visit or email:

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NASC Launches New £30,000 Qualifying the Workforce Programme

Qwf Image

NASC Launches New £30,000 Qualifying the Workforce Programme

The NASC has launched a ‘Qualifying the Workforce’ in-house programme offering member companies funding from a £30,000 central pot for up to 240 training placement payments.

The NASC scheme has been introduced to reward members for their commitment to CISRS training and maintaining the high level of qualified staff required to retain NASC membership.

NASC member companies will be able to apply for a payment of £125 for any of their employees who they have qualified to CISRS Scaffolder, Advanced Scaffolder or Scaffolding Supervisor, since 1st January 2016.

Operatives will need to have completed all requisite training and be in possession of a current valid CISRS card for the grade for which they are applying in order to be eligible.

In addition to the scaffolder training funds, there will also be a chance to claim for CISRS Operative Training Courses (COTS) training. Included within the 240 total placements, NASC will make up to a maximum of 50 payments of £125 to employers who have put their operative through the COTS course and have obtained a CISRS Labourer or CISRS New Entrant Trainee card via this process.

NASC Training Manager, Dave Mosley said: “This new Qualifying the Workforce programme is all about supporting NASC members who are investing in their staff through CISRS training. We have run similar initiatives in previous years with the aid of additional CITB funding which have proved very successful and popular with the membership. With this type of CITB funding no longer available NASC Council has agreed to set aside £30K to fund a programme for 2016”

Payments will be made on a first come first served basis, and it is envisaged that these payments are likely to be claimed very quickly so members are requested to respond ASAP.”

QTW claims must be made online using the correct application form via the online members’ area of, under the training section (in the ‘Information’ menu). And applicants must include all relevant information for each candidate (correct individual details, card number etc). Only qualifications achieved after 1st January 2016 will be accepted. Applications will take up to four weeks to process.

NASC MD Robin James said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer this substantial training incentive and we would encourage members to act fast if they want to benefit from it.”

For details of the new biennial scaffold product award, to order copies of the new SG4:15:You pocket guide, for information on the latest Technical Guidance (TG) and Safety Guidance (SG) notes, the TG20:13 full suite and the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member, please visit or email: