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New NASC Promotional Film Launches

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New NASC Promotional Film Launches

The NASC has launched a promotional film – aiming to broaden the safe scaffolding message of the UK’s leading access and scaffolding trade body and to encourage small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to become members of the confederation.

The three-minute film – which is available to view via the NASC’s social media channels and website – features interviews with three different sized member companies, at three separate locations and access and scaffolding jobs across the UK.

Kyle Basterfield, Commercial Director of Kirk Scaffolding Ltd in Blackburn, is interviewed at a conventional tube and fitting scaffold on a large church tower renovation project in rural Lancashire. David McBride, Senior Contracts Supervisory Manager of Turner Access Limited in Glasgow talks about a large-scale housing job using their OCTO system scaffolding for EON Energy Services. And Ian McFarlane, Director of Business & Project Development for XERVON Palmers Limited, is on site at a huge job for for main contractor Galliford Try, providing scaffolding services and access solutions over live railway lines for the extensive renovation of Carlisle train station.

The film was shot by a leading supplier of digital media using the latest equipment and techniques, with the project managed by NASC Marketing Manager, Phil Royle of Royle Media, who said: “We wanted to create a modern, fast-paced and engaging film about what being an NASC member does for different sizes of scaffolding contracting firms, why they should want to be part of the confederation, what the benefits of being involved are and to give the construction sector a clear visual message of the quality, safe and regulated service our 200+ contracting members offer.

“The end result is something accessible, interesting and inspirational for those who watch it, and we hope it will be widely enjoyed and shared within the scaffolding, construction and health and safety industries.”

NASC President Alan Lilley said: “It has been said by many that the NASC is a closed shop – this could not be further from the truth, and this film goes a long way to get that message across. One of my aims during my presidency is to significantly increase the membership by the end of my term in 2017 by raising the profile of the confederation. This film is an important part of that process. Hopefully it will encourage many SME firms to go through the audit process (with our help) and become NASC members.”

To view the film, please visit the NASC website and Twitter or Facebook social media channels (where the film is pinned to the top of the profiles).

And for details about the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member and for details about the NASC Scaffolding Specification Document, new biennial scaffolding product innovation award, to order copies of the SG4:You 2015 pocket guide, information on the latest Safety (SG) and Technical (TG) guidance, or to order a TG20:13 full suite, please visit or email:

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CISRS Instructors Conference Success

Cisrs Instructors Course

CISRS Instructors Conference Success

The third annual CISRS Instructors Conference took place last weekend, at the Birches conference centre, National Construction College East, Bircham Newton, Kings Lynn.

The event was heralded a success by CISRS scheme management and the 40+ delegates in attendance. The vast majority of delegates arrived on site on Friday for an evening meal and drinks prior to a busy day of discussion & presentations on Saturday. The event takes place at weekends in order to limit disruption to the training schedules of the instructors.

The conference was chaired by Scheme Manager, Dave Mosley who spoke on CISRS standardisation particularly in relation to the recent changes to the Part 2 training package, CPD for Scaffolders, which is to be introduced in 2017. He also faced an open Q&A session at the conclusion of the conference fielding a series of questions from the instructors, leading to an open exchange of dialogue on scaffold training and the CISRS scheme.

CISRS Scheme Manager, Dave Mosley said: “As with previous events, there was some lively debate and difference of opinion on some issues – but I do think having these conversations is an important thing to do.

“The instructors are running these courses week in week out, so it is essential we get together, hear what they have to say and try to give clear guidance of how we wish everyone to move forward in a way that is beneficial to both those attending courses and the instructors themselves.”

Other speakers at the conference included: Ex-NASC President and CISRS representative, Bob Whincap who covered CISRS scheme rules and instructor responsibilities. Tony Barry (Senior Instructor at NCC Midlands), who previewed the work carried out so far by the CISRS standardisation Group on the Advanced programme and Simian Risk Management Limited MD and Temporary Works Forum member, Simon Hughes. He discussed how temporary works procedures can apply to the scaffolding sector and plans to introduce more information surrounding this topic into the CISRS training scheme.

Simon Hughes said: “We used my presentation as a workshop exercise where we asked each group to consider the core courses in the scheme and list the areas of temporary works that should be included in each course. We divided the room into four groups with a spokesperson for each group feeding their recommendations back to the conference for further feedback. The recommendations from the conference will form the basis of the Temporary Works module we are developing for each course, with appropriate content focused towards the learner.”

David John Adams, Lead Instructor at CISRS training centre AIS said: “It was my first time attending the conference and I thought it was very good. The Friday evening was more of a social event and gave me a chance to talk to other instructors in a relaxed atmosphere. As AIS has only recently received Part 2 accreditation it was interesting to hear questions raised by other centres around delivery of these courses. The conversations that followed were very open and will help me to avoid any potential issues in future Part 2 courses.”

To obtain free copies of the CISRS General Information Booklet, ‘Have You Got The Right Card?’ CISRS poster, or any other relevant CISRS information please visit or email

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New CISRS Cards Poster Issued

Have You Got The Right Card

New CISRS Cards Poster Issued

CISRS has issued a brand new card information poster entitled ‘Have you got the right card?’ which is available to all free of charge by emailing

The CISRS poster has been created in order to provide a quick reference point for those wishing to ensure that individuals carrying out scaffolding operations on their sites have completed the relevant training, experience and assessment and are holding the correct CISRS card.

The poster includes the full suite of CISRS cards; Scaffolding Labourer, Basic Access Systems Erector (BASE), Trainee, Scaffolder, Advanced Scaffolder, Scaffolding Supervisor and Basic and Advanced Scaffold Inspector. It provides details of what each card should look like, how they are obtained and what work they entitle the card holder to carry out. It also highlights the importance of looking for the correct endorsement on the rear of the card for those operatives using Systems Scaffolding.

CISRS Scheme Manager, Dave Mosley said: “Having just re-issued the CAP 609 General Information booklet, which documents the CISRS scheme rules in detail, it made sense to update the posters which provide the basic information at a glance. They have always been popular and well received document and we will make them readily available to any interested party.

“The eye-catching poster is a must for all clients, employers, training providers, Health and Safety consultants etc. involved in the scaffolding sector.”

To obtain copies of the new poster, or for a full a list of approved CISRS & OSTS training providers, further details about CISRS card courses, mandatory 2017 CPD training, changes to courses following the introduction of SG4:15 and TG20:13, information and dates on courses available or to find out more about the CISRS scheme, please visit or email

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Second CISRS OSTS Centre Opens in South Korea

South Korea Training Centre Dave And Rick

Second CISRS OSTS Centre Opens in South Korea

CISRS are pleased to announce the accreditation and opening of a second Overseas Scaffolding Training Scheme (OSTS) centre in South Korea.

The new centre in Ulsan, in the south of the country, is opened in partnership with OSTS approved training providers, Safety & Access – celebrating their 25th anniversary this year – and Applus Velosi: Oil and gas industry sector service providers, who focus on vendor inspection, third party inspection, certification, testing, engineering and manpower services for the oil & gas sector globally.

The Ulsan centre offers CISRS scaffold related training including OSTS Scaffolder Levels 1-3, scaffold inspection and scaffold supervisor courses.

The accreditation audit was carried out this month by CISRS Scheme Manager, Dave Mosley, who was already in South Korea conducting the annual accreditation visit to the existing Safety and Access CISRS centre in Geoje. This centre established in 2013 has trained over 2,500 scaffolders, supervisors and inspectors in collaboration with Samsung Heavy Industries.

Following the accreditation, Safety & Access Joint MD Rick Statham said: “The new centre represents a very important location for us, based in Ulsan it provides a strategic base to support to the major shipbuilding and offshore industries which operate locally. We have been trading in South Korea for approaching four years and we can see the requirement for quality training growing as interest in and respect for the CISRS Overseas scheme grows.”

Dave Mosley and Rick Statham took the opportunity to meet with key local clients including DSME, Shell and Chevron to give them a tour of the Geoje centre and outline the possibilities and future plans for CISRS training in the area.

Mr Mosley said: “It is very pleasing to see the CISRS OSTS scheme doing so well and Safety & Access expanding their presence in South Korea. We hope that the new centre can emulate the success of the centre here in Geoje.
“CISRS recognise the fantastic commitment made by Samsung Heavy Industries in training over 2,500 people making them, the employer and South Korea, the region with most CISRS OSTS qualified operatives worldwide.

“There is an increased interest in CISRS in South Korea at the moment, despite the current downturn in the oil and gas sector and it is great to see Shell, Chevron and DSME exploring the possibility of going down the CISRS route.”

To obtain more details on OSTS training providers, a new CISRS cards poster, a list of approved CISRS UK providers, further details about CISRS card courses, mandatory 2017 CPD training, changes to courses following the introduction of SG4:15 and TG20:13, information and dates on courses available or to find out more about the CISRS scheme, please visit or email

The OSTS scheme started in 2012 and has now been established in UAE, Qatar, Philippines and South Korea, Nepal and Nigeria, training more than 4,500 scaffolders worldwide.

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New NASC Membership Certificates


New NASC Membership Certificates

The NASC has created new membership certificates for its three tiers of membership – full contracting, full non contracting (hire, sales and manufacturing) and information only members.

The colourful new certificates have a professional appearance and carry a brief explanation setting out the requirement for achieving and maintaining compliance with NASC membership status, along with a statement that NASC member companies are expected to comply with confederation standards.

For the first time, there is a standalone certificate for NASC full non contracting membership, giving the NASC hire/sale sector recognition for their role in the scaffolding sector.

The new NASC membership certificates will be introduced from 1st September 2016 (old style certificates will of course remain valid until date of expiry).

NASC President Alan Lilley said: “We wanted to create a striking new document which reflects that obtaining NASC membership through the strict audit process and criteria is more than just a paper chasing exercise, as it is for many accreditation bodies. Achieving NASC membership and maintaining member status is something to be proud of, and these new certificates reflect this.”

NASC MD Robin James added: “The old style certificates were overdue for updating and the new versions are striking, modern and professional in appearance. We hope all our members take pride in displaying the new membership certificates in their offices across the UK.”

NASC full contracting members are audited to exacting standards. Contracting members must also comply with the latest NASC safety and technical guidance, pay particular regard to CISRS scaffolding industry training requirements and meet a minimum requirement of 75% direct employment of scaffolding operatives, in addition to other audited membership criteria, details for which can be found here.

For details about the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member and for details about the NASC Scaffolding Specification Document, new biennial scaffolding product innovation award, to order copies of the SG4:You 2015 pocket guide, information on the latest Safety (SG) and Technical (TG) guidance, or to order a TG20:13 full suite, please visit or email: