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NASC Unveils Vice Squad

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NASC Unveils Vice Squad

The NASC has appointed four regional Vice Chairs as part of its efforts to improve succession planning and ensure members across the UK always have a local representative to contact for guidance and support.

The new Vice Chairs are; Mike Lloyd, Managing Director at LTC Scaffolding Ltd – London/South East region; Matthew Cousins, Director at Apex Scaffolding (Exeter) Ltd – South West region; Lisa Rooney, Financial Director at Midlands Scaffolding Services Ltd – Midlands region; and Darren Maratty, Managing Director at Interlink Scaffolding Ltd – Northern and North Wales region.

Expressions of interest will shortly be sought from NASC Scotland/NI members with a view to securing the full set of regional Vice Chairs by the autumn.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “The new NASC Vice Chairs will replace the current regional chairs at the end of their respective tenures. Having them in place now allows them to prepare for the role well in advance as well as ensuring members know who will be representing them in the future.

“We’d like to thank our new regional Vice Chairs for putting their names forward and taking on the responsibility of voicing the interests of members in their regions in due course.”


London/South East

Mike Lloyd, Managing Director at LTC Scaffolding Ltd, said: “I have been involved in the construction industry for nearly 30 years following graduation from university in 1991 having completed a surveying degree. During my time as owner of LTC Scaffolding I have seen the industry develop to a point where health and safety is at the forefront of all that we do and should always be second nature in the way that we do it.

“I am keen to take a more active role within our industry and therefore the NASC to assist in the evolution of our trade and businesses. I’d like to help improve the way we are perceived by prospective clients and those who may wish to enter into the industry for employment and the way we train and develop those within the industry in a way that allows us to achieve and maintain high standards of excellence and safety.

“We need to be alert and flexible to the changing needs and geographical nuances of our clients and the employment markets they work in and protect our industry by naming and shaming those outside of the NASC that contravene the safety standards the construction industry and the NASC have worked so hard to develop and implement.”


South West

Matthew Cousins, Director at Apex Scaffolding (Exeter) Ltd, said: “I have been involved in the scaffolding industry for more than 17 years, having joined Apex Scaffolding in 2001 as a temp and rising to the position of Commercial Director in 2014. In all this time I have been fully aware of the positive impact and influence NASC membership has had on the company and embraced the benefits it has brought.

“Apex Scaffolding has been a member of the NASC for 24 years and has always taken an active role in the meetings and committees. As such, when I was offered the chance to sit on the Contracts Committee, I was delighted to accept, and always feel like we make progress in the meetings.

“With regard to the regional Vice Chair position I am thankful to be given this opportunity and look forward to developing my role as time progresses and tackling the new challenges that will come my way.”



Lisa Rooney, Financial Director, Midlands Scaffolding Services Ltd, said: “I have been working within the scaffolding industry for more than 15 years, firstly starting out in office admin then moving on to surveying, during which I gained a knowledge of scaffolding which has helped me within all my roles at MSS.

“MSS has been a long-standing and supportive member of the NASC, with my co-director and father being an active NASC Council member and NASC Health and Safety Committee Chair. MSS Managing Director, Adrian Rooney, is committed to the NASC and its ethos, a stance I fully share and support.

“I feel my knowledge of the industry and the NASC will stand me in good stead as Vice Chair of the region.”



Darren Maratty, MD, Interlink Scaffolding Ltd, said: “At ISL we have very strong opinions on what we do and what we need to do to stand out from other companies, not only in our area but on all of our projects. I am proud to drive the ISL ethos, which is to become one of the best within our industry. I want to extend this ethos as Northern region Vice Chair.

“I am passionate about all aspects of scaffolding and am looking forward to bringing this enthusiasm to the NASC team, to help support and promote the wider membership and the industry as a whole.”

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NASC Launches New SSIP Assessment Portal

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NASC Launches New SSIP Assessment Portal

The NASC has developed a new online portal to make SSIP assessments more accessible for full contracting members.

Since becoming a SSIP Registered Member in September 2017 the NASC has been able to offer free SSIP assessments for its members as part of the annual online audit process.  With this new standalone portal, members now have the ability to complete their full SSIP assessment outside of their audit schedule.

By offering this new service NASC members will not be in the predicament of being without SSIP membership through another scheme whilst waiting for the NASC audit to come around for them to be assessed.

NASC Membership Manager Jamie McGuire said: “Our initial intention was to provide one membership certificate featuring an NASC audit expiry date and an SSIP expiry date, with the aim of having both dates aligned.  But a large percentage of our members already held SSIP membership and were choosing the “Deem to Satisfy” route, which often led to some confusion on the certificate and could be perceived that the company wasn’t currently compliant. Nobody wants an out of date expiry date on their certificate.”

A new NASC SSIP certificate has been created and will soon be in circulation within the industry.

NASC Audit Committee Chairman Mel Archer commented: “Essentially, we have given the members more ability to qualify for free SSIP assessments which is a fantastic benefit. It not only saves time in avoiding duplication of PQQs for our members, it means they save costs when applying for other SSIP schemes.”

The new portal is available here and is currently only available for current NASC full members, or companies undergoing the NASC application process.  It is envisaged that in the future NASC will open up SSIP assessment to non-NASC members for a fee.

If you are interested in applying for NASC full membership please click here or contact to discuss the benefits of joining the NASC.

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NASC to Host Safety Seminar

Safety Seminar Pre

NASC to Host Safety Seminar

The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) is hosting a Safety Seminar in Manchester on Thursday 20 September.

The purpose of this informal event is to bring delegates up to speed with how the confederation is continuing to raise health and safety standards in the scaffolding and access industry and explain how this might benefit them.

The event is aimed at representatives from companies that regularly utilise the services of scaffolding contractors. This could include main contractors, local authorities, major housebuilders and developers.

Speakers on the day include Des Moore, TRAD Group CEO and NASC President, Robin James, NASC Managing Director, and Wayne Connolly, Managing Director of Connolly Scaffolding and Chair of the NASC Northern and North Wales region.

Des Moore said: “We’re keen to engage with delegates; letting them know a little bit about what the confederation is doing to drive safety standards upwards and also learn what challenges they face and what more we can do to help them achieve their objectives.”

The briefing will take place at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate on Thursday 20 September from 9am to noon. Delegates will receive free copies of our TG20:13 Guide to Good Practice for Tube and Fitting Scaffolding (Full Suite worth £612, one copy issued per delegate company) and safety guidance pocket guides.

Please note that spaces are limited. To register your interest in attending please contact Simon Robinson, NASC Marketing Manager, by email.

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Isle of Wight Council Insists NASC Only

Iow Nasc Only

Isle of Wight Council Insists NASC Only

Isle of Wight Council has unveiled plans to raise procurement requirements on public highway scaffolding contracts following a number of fatalities and injuries in recent years.

From September, applications for scaffolding over or on the highways will need to include more information on the purpose of the scaffolding and the method of its construction as well as confirmation operatives erecting it are registered under the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS).

By 2019, scaffolding contractors will also have to be members of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) to win these contracts. Furthermore, scaffolding towers will be required to display consent from the council as well as the agreed dates the structure can remain in place.

Cabinet member for community safety and public protection, Councillor Tig Outlaw, said: “Without commenting on individual cases, there have been two fatalities and many more injuries through accidents involving scaffolding on the Island in recent years. It is imperative that scaffolding is erected and used correctly and I am delighted that the Island now has more robust policies in place to ensure that happens.

“This is not a case of excessive bureaucracy or overbearing health and safety requirements – it is quite simply about keeping people safe.”

Isle of Wight Working Well Together group chairman John Nicholson said the new policy should give the public confidence that scaffolding erected on or over the public highway was put up to a high professional standard.

“The purpose of having a clear, comprehensive policy is to prevent people without proper insurance operating without the required training and qualification,” he said.

“Those companies on the Island who are professional and conscientious and most are have absolutely nothing to fear from this new approach. The price of an application will not rise but by being more rigorous it will help ensure scaffolding erected on Island highways complies with safety regulations and professional standards.

“It will also help Island Roads, which manages the highway network on the council’s behalf, to monitor and regulate scaffolding that is on the highway.”

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, welcomed the council’s move to adopt more stringent procurement policies.

He said: “We fully support the Isle of Wight council’s decision. By insisting upon NASC members for public highways projects the Council will be able to guarantee that these works are carried out by contractors that are demonstrably proven to be safe, legally compliant and experienced.

“That is because NASC members must meet a strict set of criteria – pertaining to their workforce, working practices and insurance cover, among other requirements – to attain and then retain membership.

“By setting the membership bar high and conducting stringent annual audits, NASC members are able to demonstrate that they are performing to the highest standards. This is evidenced by our Annual Safety Reports, the latest of which saw the number of injuries recorded by our 220+ full contracting members fell to an all-time low.

“Between January and December 2017, our members – employing a total of more than 16,400 operatives – recorded 89 incidents. There were no fatalities for the fifth consecutive year.

“We encourage other local authorities to explore following the Isle of Wight Council’s lead in raising safety standards through adopting a similar NASC only procurement policy.”

Image caption: (L-R) = John Nicholson, IWWWT Chairman; Councillor Tig Outlaw, Cabinet member for community safety and public protection; Mike Leppard, Safety Officer at Isle of Wight Building Safety Association; Ian Thornton, Island Roads Streetworks Manager; and Tony Dean of Scaffolding and Access Safety Consultants Ltd and IWWWT group member.

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SG5:18 Overhead Power Sources and Earthing of Scaffold Structures


SG5:18 Overhead Power Sources and Earthing of Scaffold Structures

A new safety guidance note has been published as part of the NASC’s ongoing efforts to ensure all reference materials are both current and streamlined.

SG5:18 Overhead Power Sources and Earthing of Scaffold Structures includes updated content derived from SG3:14 Earthing of Scaffolding Structures and SG5:11 Overhead Power Sources, both of which have been discontinued.

It is available to purchase via the NASC online shop here.

Adrian Rooney, Chair of the NASC Health and Safety Committee and Managing Director of Midland Scaffolding Services Ltd, said: “SG5:18 combines two existing guidance notes covering similar topics into one, making it easier for contractors to source information relating to electrical issues.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to improve and expand the range of safety guidance notes and plan to publish two further notes in the coming months.”