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NASC Members Qualify for PQQ Service Discount

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NASC Members Qualify for PQQ Service Discount

The NASC has gained a PQQ-service discount for its members after becoming a Builder’s Profile Supporting Trade Association.

Through this connection NASC members are able to secure Builder’s Profile premium membership at a reduced price of £250 + VAT for a 12-month subscription – down 15 per cent from £295.

Builder’s Profile provides compliance and PQQ information to the construction industry, enabling subcontractors and suppliers to easily maintain and share information.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “We are pleased to provide our members with discounted Builder’s Profile membership, something we believe will save them a great deal of time and effort when bidding for new projects.”

For more information visit the Builder’s Profile website here.

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NASC Launches New Scaffolding Magazine

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NASC Launches New Scaffolding Magazine

We are delighted to announce that the NASC will publish a new magazine dedicated to Scaffolding.

This publication will be created in conjunction with our long-standing media partner, Construction Manager (CM) magazine, and feature NASC member projects, NASC 2018 Award winners, a guide to scaffolding specification and a range of additional high-quality scaffolding-related content delivered by CM’s editorial team.

The magazine – to be called ‘Scaffolding: A Construction Manager Professional Guide’ – will be launched with the April issue of Construction Manager. It is intended to complement the NASC Yearbook, published in November each year.

Simon Robinson, NASC Marketing Manager, said: “We believe CM readers will welcome a professional guide focusing on the potential use of NASC members’ products and services in all aspects of the construction process as no other publication currently reaches this wide an audience and focuses this clearly on our market.

“It should prove to be a very effective marketing tool for NASC members.”

A number of advertising spaces are available to NASC members. For more information and rates, please contact Howard Smith at Atom publishing via email or by calling 07775 670117.

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Stay Safe at Height With Scaffolding Awareness Training

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Stay Safe at Height With Scaffolding Awareness Training

Tradesmen and other construction workers will soon be able to undertake a one-day scaffolding awareness course at a range of training centres across the country.

The course is open to any workers who have cause to work on scaffolding – such as painters, bricklayers, electricians and plumbers – and those wanting a better understanding of scaffolding operations and has been created by the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS).

It will provide attendees with a greater understanding and appreciation of the potential dangers of working at height on scaffolds and enable them to identify the core components of a safe scaffold.

Delegates will be issued with a CISRS Scaffolding Awareness certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Laura Weekes, CISRS Administrator, said: “This classroom-based course will give tradesmen a basic understanding of what compliant scaffolding looks like and guidance on how they can work at height safely.

“We’re looking to offer this course at training centres nationwide from this summer onwards.”

The introduction of the course has been welcomed by the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation.

Stephen Allen-Tidy, NASC Health and Safety Advisor, said: “The NASC is committed to promoting the highest standards of safety within the industry. Through the publication and dissemination of a wide range of industry-recognised safety and technical guidance – including SG4:15 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations – we continue to drive safety standards upwards.

“This is clearly evidenced in our annual NASC Safety Reports. The 2018 edition saw accidents and injuries recorded by NASC members, collectively employing more than 16,000 scaffolding operatives, fall to an all-time low – with just 89 incidences occurring on-site throughout 2017.

“Through the introduction of the scaffolding awareness training course the scope of safety training efforts is being extended beyond scaffolding operatives, helping to ensure that all workers who set foot on a scaffold can carry out the tasks they require safely.”

For more information visit

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NASC Expands Scope of Code of Practice Compliant Product List

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NASC Expands Scope of Code of Practice Compliant Product List

The NASC has added a seventh category to its Code of Practice (CoP) compliant product list – pre-fabricated structural transom units.

Member scaffolding product suppliers and manufacturers are required to comply with the requirements of the associated product audit form – available here.

Samples are then subjected to UKAS accredited independent laboratory testing, with those deemed as meeting the necessary British and European standards listed in the CoP compliant product list.

The other products included on the list are; EN 39:2001 tube [4mm], EN 10219-1:2006 high tensile tube [3.2mm], BS 2482:2009 timber boards, EN74-1 couplers, aluminium beams and BS EN 12810/11 system scaffolds.

The NASC published a suite of scaffolding product purchasing guidelines for these products in November 2018.

These six product guidance (PG) documents – numbered PG1:18 to PG6:18 – provide contractors with a simple, go-to resource to use so they can ensure the equipment they source is up to standard.

Each PG note details purchasing best practice and outlines the standards to which customers should check that products they are sourcing are manufactured and tested to. This includes what to look for, what relevant information they should request and what a test certificate looks like.

Hard copies can be purchased via the NASC online shop here. They can also be downloaded for free via the same link.

A PG note relating to pre-fabricated structural transom units will be published this year. The NASC CoP compliant product list will be further expanded as required.