Buying Into Safety

NASC members work to the highest safety standards. This is evidenced in the annual NASC Safety Reports, which have shown in recent years that the number of accidents and injuries suffered by operatives and third parties remain incredibly low.

The Safety Reports and their headline figures receive a great deal of attention from those in the scaffolding industry as well as those employed in the wider construction sector.

But less focus is given to how members ensure these numbers are so low. This includes the great lengths members go to in order to make sure their operatives fully buy into safe working practices each and every time they step on site.

It also relies on the NASC’s ongoing commitment to improving safety standards through the review and addition of Safety Guidance titles, all of which are available for free download via the NASC website, the creation and dissemination of safety-related toolbox talks and site posters, regular liaison with other bodies such as Build UK and the Health and Safety Executive and review of NASC Safety Report data to identify ways to further drive injury incidents down.

It’s clear that NASC members’ outstanding safety statistics are no accident.

We asked NASC members to explain the various steps they take to keep health and safety and compliance with core NASC health and safety guidance such as SG4:15 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations at the forefront of their operatives’ minds while working at height.

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