Product Innov Award Winner

Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd win Inaugural NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award

The winner of the inaugural NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award has been announced at the confederation’s AGM as Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd – for their impressive £1.8M 50m (w) x 20m (h) x 90m (l) ‘Acorn Super Structure’ temporary roof at the Creamfields Steel Yard event this Summer.

And a highly commended NASC Product Innovation Award has been given to TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd for their revolutionary ‘Big Ben Braked Gin Wheel’ – designed to stop scaffolding loads plummeting from height.

There were eight entries for the inaugural biennial NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award – launched this Summer to celebrate the very best developments in new scaffolding materials and products from inventive NASC members at the forefront of change in the UK scaffolding industry.

The entries were considered by an independent judging panel (Rick Statham of Safety & Access Ltd and Simon Hughes of Simian Risk Management Ltd), with NASC Technical Officer, Ken Johnson the point of contact for judging:

  • Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd for the ‘Acorn Super Structure’
  • TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd for the ‘Big Ben Braked Gin Wheel’
  • Malvern Scaffolding Ltd for their ‘Malvern Key-Tie’
  • Layher Ltd for the new Universal Aluminium HD Beam
  • HAKI Scaffolding Ltd for their cutting edge HAKI Decking CADEE system
  • TRAD Hire & Sales Ltd for the Plettac Metrix Permanent Advanced Guardrail
  • GKR Scaffolding Ltd for their new Elimin-8 innovative scaffold fitting, and
  • Focus Scaffolding Ltd for their two and three board hop-up bracket for tube and fittings.

The winners were announced at the NASC AGM in Amsterdam, on Friday November 25th, where trophies and certificates were presented. And in addition Acorn and TRAD will now be able to use a bespoke NASC Product Innovation logo for a period of two years.

At the AGM, Des Moore, NASC Vice President and Chair of the NASC Hire & Sales Committee gave a presentation on the various entries, showcasing cutting edge products to the membership and the scaffolding industry as a whole.

Speaking about Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd, the judges said: “Acorn came through in creating an innovative structure using an innovative product. Their aim is to help clients deliver world class, unique and memorable events –specialising in innovative, temporary scaffold-based event structures. Their brief was to push the boundaries of festival production.

“It took months of collaboration, planning and design. The effect was to give every festival goer enjoyment of the premium technical production and high end immersive technology. It is an exceptional product borne out of determination to reach solutions in close liaison with a manufacturer and client. The judges made their determination considering the project as innovation at its best.”

Runner-up, the TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd ‘Big Ben Braked Gin Wheel.’ was highly commended for its wide-reaching benefit, ensuring that loads do not go into free fall, and for radically reduced rope chafing characteristics.

The judges said: “By applying designs from other industries to our trade and enhancing the safety of this commonly used lifting accessory, TRAD evolved this clever item through their in-house ‘Play it Safe’ safety meetings. It was seen as a major benefit to the whole of the industry – ensuring loads cannot plummet, which is a real innovation and safety feature.

“This product will undoubtedly ensure a reduction in handling injuries. Even hoisting upwards allows fluid movement and safe landing of materials – solving a major safety feature that is a common ‘near miss’ situation. It will assist in significantly ensuring safe practice and helping to ensure operatives go home safely to their families at the end of the day.”

NASC MD Robin James said: “This new biennial award has attracted considerable interest and has been superbly supported by the NASC members. It shows the ingenious and inventive nature of our membership – who lead the way with scaffolding product innovation, for productivity and safety. Credit should go to all of the nominees and the hard working members of our hire and sale committee, who pioneered this excellent scheme. And particular congratulations go to the inaugural NASC Product Innovation Award winners Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd and highly commended TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd – who the judges felt stood out in the competition.”

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