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Aecor/Safety & Access Nepal Goes From Strength to Strength

The future of scaffolding training in Nepal and recognition of the skills of Nepalese scaffolders working around the Middle East is looking very bright.

Dave Mosley, Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) Scheme Manager recently completed the annual accreditation audit at the Aecor/Safety and Access Ltd Overseas Scaffolder Training Scheme (OSTS) centre in Kathmandu and was very impressed with the progress that has been made – in only 12 months.

“The practical facility here is excellent, it is a credit to Aecor/Safety and Access Ltd and is a showcase for CISRS Overseas training. The layout, materials and general housekeeping at the centre are all to the highest standards which creates a great environment for training,” he said.

Aecor/Safety and Access Nepal has capacity to run three courses concurrently with their accreditation including OSTS Scaffolder Level 1, Level 2, Basic and Advanced Scaffold Inspection and Scaffolding Supervisor training.

In the last 12 months, over 300 Nepalese scaffolders have been trained to CISRS Level 1 OSTS, with eight Basic Inspection Courses and also nine Scaffolding Supervisors courses having also been completed. A CISRS Supervisor course was actually being undertaken during the audit visit.

Having completed their training in Nepal, the vast majority of operatives will then ply their trade in the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) states such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. There are currently thousands of Nepalese scaffolding operatives working in this region.

Operatives having undertaken scaffolder training which is directly linked to CISRS UK standards is a great benefit to all concerned, providing reassurance for the client and recognition of their trade skills for the scaffolders.

Sandeep Pakhrin Lama, Managing Director for Aecor said: “There has been an extremely positive response by the Nepalese scaffolder community towards the CISRS Overseas Scaffolding Training Scheme which has been very encouraging for our team. The future looks very bright as more clients, especially in the GCC states, are seeking CISRS accredited scaffolders. This shows their commitment and confidence towards CISRS OSTS, which gives a fantastic opportunity for the Nepalese scaffolders to have a better standing in a very competitive market.”

Senior Instructor, Babu Ram Sharma had previously worked as scaffolder in the Middle East and has been involved with OSTS scheme since its inception in 2013 where he previously worked for Safety and Access in Dubai alongside CISRS UK approved instructors.

Rick Statham Joint Managing Director of Safety and Access said:  “We are delighted that the Kathmandu CISRS centre has proven to be very successful in its first year of operation. It is clear that many major clients, particularly in the oil and gas industries recognise the benefits of regulated and accredited training in this safety critical industry and looking ahead we can only foresee expansion in all regions.

“A big thank you must go the Nepal team particularly Sandeep Lama and with added congratulations to Babu Ram Sharma. Babu Ram has worked with us for several years beginning his training career in UAE and was given the opportunity to move back to his home in Nepal where he has taken up the position of Senior Instructor.”

The centre also has two other local instructors Ratna Basnet and Sovit Khatiwada who are currently working towards becoming fully qualified OSTS instructors. The centre is preparing to expand as demand for CISRS OSTS increases.

To find out more about the new CISRS OSTS scheme delivering UK standard training worldwide, CPD courses, obtain a copy of the CISRS CAP 609 General Information Booklet, new cards poster or to find out more about CISRS, please visit or email



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