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Scaffolding Apprenticeship Switch Set for October

The next generation of scaffolding apprentices in England will be trained through the Scaffolding Trailblazer programme, which launches on October 1 2018.

This programme will replace the current apprenticeship framework, which will be withdrawn on the same day. Those who register on the current system prior to the changeover will have a two-year run out to allow these apprentices to complete their training.

The Government established the Trailblazer initiative as part of a major reform of apprenticeship training in England. Scotland and Wales have yet to sign up to Trailblazers programme and as such apprentices within these countries will continue to train via the current framework.

The Scaffolding Trailblazer standard was developed by a committee comprising representatives from around 15 scaffolding contractors and supplemented by Institute of apprenticeship staff, CISRS, CITB and two approved training providers.

The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) has been tasked by committee with providing programme criteria and materials such as PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans and test papers for those looking to deliver Trailblazer.

Dave Francis, Scaffolding Trailblazer Committee Chair, said: “The Trailblazer initiative has allowed us to complete a full review of the apprenticeship programme. Together with the support of the Institute for Apprenticeships, industry professionals have developed the standards necessary for individuals to enhance their careers in the construction sector through a Trailblazer apprenticeship.

“Employers have the ability to directly control their employees training, with the knowledge that they are participating in a standardised apprenticeship programme with full quality assessment, delivering the workforce that industry requires.”

For more information on the Scaffolding Trailblazer click here.



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