News / 29.11.21

Kickstart Gateway Passes Funding Milestone

DWP payments have funded 135 apprentice placements

The NASC has now paid more than £500,000 to its members through the NASC Kickstart Scheme Gateway.

The funding, drawn down from the Department for Work and Pensions, has been passed on to NASC members across the UK. Between them, they have taken on 135 apprentices on six-month placements.

To date, 25 apprentices have finished their Kickstart placements. Many of them have subsequently been given full-time positions by their employers.

Henry Annafi, NASC Training Officer, said: “We’re thrilled to have reached this Kickstart payment milestone. Everyone’s benefiting through the NASC Gateway; young people are being given paid work experience in the scaffolding industry and member companies are able to bring enthusiastic new recruits into their businesses.

“The numbers are all pleasing to see but the one that’s most encouraging to me is the 25 apprentices who have completed their placements so far. To my knowledge, practically all of these apprentices have been retained and are well on their way to building their skills through the CISRS training programme.

“At a time when members are particularly focused on recruitment, the Kickstart Scheme provides a welcome opportunity to bring new blood into the business.”


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