News / 18.07.22

NASC Sponsors Military 2 Construction

The British Forces Resettlement Service (BFRS) and the NASC met to sign a sponsorship agreement for the Military 2 Construction initiative.

Following the successful partnership between the British Forces Resettlement Service (BFRS) and the NASC, that highlighted the career possibilities within the scaffolding industry to serving forces personnel, the two organisations met on Friday 15th July to sign a new agreement. The NASC President, Lynn Way, and the NASC Managing Director, Robin James, were delighted to welcome the BFRS CEO, Harry Dean and BFRS Operations Director, Dominic Hamberg, to the NASC offices for the official contract signing.

The aim of M2C is to provide an array of services for the Armed Forces Community (AFC) that ensures they receive the help, support, and advice they need in their search for employment with forces friendly construction companies.

M2C will provide an effective recruiting platform for the construction industry. The platform is designed to enable the construction industry to engage with potential candidates straight away, which will give organisations a unique opportunity to tackle personnel shortages. M2C will also have two industry specific events and other activities to promote construction careers.

Harry Dean stressed the importance of working in partnership with organisations like the NASC, saying that it was only with such partnerships that the BFRS was able to provide such excellent services to the AFC.

Lynn Way, NASC President, commented “The impact that partnering with the BFRS has had on the NASC’s priority objective to recruit from the AFC has generated exciting possibilities for this new arrangement.”



Did you know

The NASC is proud to have 28 full Supplier members – representing the vast majority of the UK’s scaffolding equipment suppliers.

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