Covid-19 Information

Working From Home

The NASC may focus mainly on the scaffolding workers out on site but many NASC member employees are now working for home for the first time and it is important to also consider their health and welfare.

Key areas to consider are:

  • Work station set up – many employees will not already have a dedicated work area in their homes and will need to set one up. Sitting at the kitchen table hunched over a lap top while the family swirls around you is not a good working environment from a physical or mental point of view. Managers need to discuss sensitively with their staff what set up might be possible in their home which would allow a successful working environment and healthy posture. In some cases additional equipment such as printers, screens or chairs may need to be delivered.
  • Communication –  employees who are used to the daily interaction of an office environment may feel very remote working from home. Regular team gatherings using a video conferencing system such as Zoom help to keep people feeling in touch and involved.
  • Mental health & wellbeing – these are unexpected times and stories in the media can be worrying, even people who are generally quite upbeat can be made to feel anxious. Colleagues who are already living with mental health issues may struggle even more with their current circumstances. Managers may already be aware of those employees who have pre-existing mental health issues and be able to ask sensitively whether their usual support structure is still in place. All employees should be monitored for signs of mental health issues and supported to seek help when needed.


Useful tools

  • Supporting remote working checklist – available here
  • Homeworking mental health tips – available here