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Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd win Inaugural NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award

Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd win Inaugural NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award

The winner of the inaugural NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award has been announced at the confederation’s AGM as Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd – for their impressive £1.8M 50m (w) x 20m (h) x 90m (l) ‘Acorn Super Structure’ temporary roof at the Creamfields Steel Yard event this Summer.

And a highly commended NASC Product Innovation Award has been given to TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd for their revolutionary ‘Big Ben Braked Gin Wheel’ – designed to stop scaffolding loads plummeting from height.

There were eight entries for the inaugural biennial NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award – launched this Summer to celebrate the very best developments in new scaffolding materials and products from inventive NASC members at the forefront of change in the UK scaffolding industry.

The entries were considered by an independent judging panel (Rick Statham of Safety & Access Ltd and Simon Hughes of Simian Risk Management Ltd), with NASC Technical Officer, Ken Johnson the point of contact for judging:

  • Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd for the ‘Acorn Super Structure’
  • TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd for the ‘Big Ben Braked Gin Wheel’
  • Malvern Scaffolding Ltd for their ‘Malvern Key-Tie’
  • Layher Ltd for the new Universal Aluminium HD Beam
  • HAKI Scaffolding Ltd for their cutting edge HAKI Decking CADEE system
  • TRAD Hire & Sales Ltd for the Plettac Metrix Permanent Advanced Guardrail
  • GKR Scaffolding Ltd for their new Elimin-8 innovative scaffold fitting, and
  • Focus Scaffolding Ltd for their two and three board hop-up bracket for tube and fittings.

The winners were announced at the NASC AGM in Amsterdam, on Friday November 25th, where trophies and certificates were presented. And in addition Acorn and TRAD will now be able to use a bespoke NASC Product Innovation logo for a period of two years.

At the AGM, Des Moore, NASC Vice President and Chair of the NASC Hire & Sales Committee gave a presentation on the various entries, showcasing cutting edge products to the membership and the scaffolding industry as a whole.

Speaking about Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd, the judges said: “Acorn came through in creating an innovative structure using an innovative product. Their aim is to help clients deliver world class, unique and memorable events –specialising in innovative, temporary scaffold-based event structures. Their brief was to push the boundaries of festival production.

“It took months of collaboration, planning and design. The effect was to give every festival goer enjoyment of the premium technical production and high end immersive technology. It is an exceptional product borne out of determination to reach solutions in close liaison with a manufacturer and client. The judges made their determination considering the project as innovation at its best.”

Runner-up, the TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd ‘Big Ben Braked Gin Wheel.’ was highly commended for its wide-reaching benefit, ensuring that loads do not go into free fall, and for radically reduced rope chafing characteristics.

The judges said: “By applying designs from other industries to our trade and enhancing the safety of this commonly used lifting accessory, TRAD evolved this clever item through their in-house ‘Play it Safe’ safety meetings. It was seen as a major benefit to the whole of the industry – ensuring loads cannot plummet, which is a real innovation and safety feature.

“This product will undoubtedly ensure a reduction in handling injuries. Even hoisting upwards allows fluid movement and safe landing of materials – solving a major safety feature that is a common ‘near miss’ situation. It will assist in significantly ensuring safe practice and helping to ensure operatives go home safely to their families at the end of the day.”

NASC MD Robin James said: “This new biennial award has attracted considerable interest and has been superbly supported by the NASC members. It shows the ingenious and inventive nature of our membership – who lead the way with scaffolding product innovation, for productivity and safety. Credit should go to all of the nominees and the hard working members of our hire and sale committee, who pioneered this excellent scheme. And particular congratulations go to the inaugural NASC Product Innovation Award winners Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd and highly commended TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd – who the judges felt stood out in the competition.”

For details of the new biennial scaffold product award, to order copies of the new SG4:15:You pocket guide, for information on the latest Technical Guidance (TG) and Safety Guidance (SG) notes, the TG20:13 full suite and the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member, please visit or email:

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NASC Council Changes At AGM

NASC Council Changes At AGM

The NASC has made changes to its Council structure – with Alan Harris (Pro-Fix Access Ltd), Sean Pike (Layher Ltd) and Rob Lynch (Lyndon Scaffolding plc) elected as co-opted members of the NASC Council, effective for two years from the confederation’s AGM, November 25th 2016.

In addition to its standing committees – which work tirelessly to create industry-leading safety and technical guidance for the benefit of members of the UK’s leading scaffolding industry trade body – the NASC has an elected council which oversees and provides all of the NASC activity and provides direction and strategic decisions.

NASC MD Robin James said: “We are thrilled to have three such driven, respected and experienced individuals join the NASC Council as co-opted members. They will bring a broader perspective to discussions and debates at Council as representatives of small, medium and large member organisations.”

Alan Harris (Pro-Fix Access Ltd) said: “I am absolutely delighted to be elected to the NASC council, on behalf of one of the smaller members of the NASC – which represents a large and busy scaffolding sector. It’s good for us to be there to represent the issues and approach of the smaller access and scaffolding firms. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead and thrilled to be part of the debate at the UK’s leading scaffolding trade body.”

Sean Pike (Layher Ltd) added: “My membership of the NASC Hire, Sales and Manufacturing committee – especially my knowledge of manufacturing processes and involvement with ASITO, representing the interests of system scaffolding/training – I believe brings a valuable contribution to the NASC Council. I am honoured and delighted by this appointment.”

And Rob Lynch (Lyndon Scaffolding plc) said: “I am delighted that I can maintain a high profile for Lyndon Scaffolding – the UK’s largest independent, still family-owned scaffolding firm – at the NASC. We strongly support the NASC’s objective to improve the safety and professional standards in the scaffolding sector.”

In addition to these changes, Mel Archer (Archway Services plc) was elected as Audit & Membership Committee Chair and Lee Rowswell (GKR Scaffolding Ltd) was elected as London & South East Region Chair.

For details on the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including on how to become an NASC member, TG20:13 and SG4:15, please visit or email:

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Inaugural NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award Attracts Industry Leading Submissions

Inaugural NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award Attracts Industry Leading Submissions

The inaugural NASC Scaffolding Product Innovation Award was launched in the summer of 2016 and has attracted entries from a range of NASC hire/sale and contracting members, showcasing a range of innovative scaffolding products developed by the membership.

This biennial NASC award is designed to celebrate developments in scaffolding products by NASC member companies. It is hoped that all NASC member companies will be able to benefit from the exercise.

A total of eight entries have been received from NASC members. These are comprised of written submissions, photographs, powerpoint slides and videos, and in some cases examples of the actual product:

  • Acorn Scaffolding (Yorkshire) Ltd (Creamfields Steel Yard temporary event venue)
  • Malvern Scaffolding Ltd (the ‘Malvern Key-Tie’)
  • TRAD Scaffolding Co Ltd (a new/revolutionary Gin Wheel)
  • Layher Ltd (new Universal Aluminium HD Beam)
  • HAKI Scaffolding Ltd (HAKI Decking CADEE system)
  • TRAD Hire & Sales Ltd (Plettac Metrix Permanent Advanced Guardrail)
  • GKR Scaffolding Ltd (Elimin-8 innovative scaffold fitting)
  • Focus Scaffolding Ltd (two and three board hop-up bracket for tube and fitting)

All the entries have been forwarded to the judging panel which is comprised of Rick Statham (Safety & Access Ltd) and Simon Hughes (Simian Risk Ltd) with Ken Johnson (NASC Health & Safety and Technical Support) the point of contact for judging.

The primary focus of the judges when assessing the entries will be on innovation, safety and commercial benefit.

Winning and highly commended entries will be announced at the NASC AGM on Friday November 25th, when trophies and certificates will be presented by Des Moore (TRAD Group MD and Chair of the NASC Hire & Sales Committee) after he has given a presentation about the various entries, showcasing the shortlisted products to the membership.

In addition to the award (which will alternate with the well-established biennial NASC Health & Safety Award) the winning and highly commended entries will entitle the respective member companies to the use of a bespoke NASC Product Innovation logo for a period of two years following the awards.

NASC MD Robin James said: “This biennial award has attracted considerable interest and has been well supported by the members. It taps into the ingenious and inventive nature of the NASC membership – who lead the industry in terms of product innovation, with additional safety benefits for users. Credit should go to those members who have submitted entries, also to the hard working members of the NASC Hire, Sale and Manufacturing Committee, who pioneered this excellent award.”

Des Moore, added: “The scaffolding industry is constantly evolving, and product-based hire, sale and manufacturing member companies are at the forefront of driving these changes. As such, we felt it was time to recognise this and champion those companies and individuals who are creating products that make the industry a safer place to work in. We look forward to announcing the winner and runner-up at the NASC AGM.”

For details of the new biennial scaffolding product innovation award, to order copies of the new SG4:15:You pocket guide, for information on the latest Technical Guidance (TG) and Safety Guidance (SG) notes, the TG20:13 full suite and the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member, please visit or email:

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Calling all Scaffolding Supervisors!

Calling all Scaffolding Supervisors!

CISRS are working directly with their cardholders and approved training providers to match up the demand for supervisor refresher training. Following the introduction of Supervisory CPD/refresher training on 1st March 2016, anyone wishing to renew their CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor/Manager card is required to complete the newly developed 2- day course.

Delegates on the two-day course will need to successfully complete a written test, several case study projects, and deliver a toolbox talk – all of which will contribute to their overall pass/fail assessment criteria.

CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor/Manager Training has been in place for over 5 years. The five-day course is aimed at personnel providing first line supervision for scaffolding contractors which could include Charge Hands, Foremen, Site Supervisors or Contract Managers. The programme covers similar topics to the CITB Site Managing Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) but with more of a scaffolding perspective and includes:

  • Health & Safety Legal Overview
  • Health & Safety Law Health and Safety Management
  • HSE ACOPs and Guidance Performance Standards
  • British and European Standards
  • NASC Safety and Technical Guidance TG20:13 & SG4:15 appreciation
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Supervisory Skills Planning and Organisation
  • Materials and Logistics Competence
  • Allocation of Duties
  • Effective Supervision
  • Behavioural Safety Overview
  • Effective Communication (including basic presentation skills, briefings and Toolbox talks)
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statements

SMSTS is often the client’s default position when it comes to specifying Supervisory qualification on their sites, as such lots of scaffolding Supervisors are attending generic Health and Safety Supervisory courses rather than a scaffold specific one.

Dave Mosley CISRS Scheme Manager said: “SMSTS has been around a long time and is a good course. When developing the CISRS Supervisor course we tried to ensure that all of the essential topics were covered, but we also wanted to relate these to the trade itself as we feel it makes it a more interesting and relevant experience for the delegates.”

CISRS has announced that it will allow those operatives holding a current SMSTS certificate, a valid CISRS Scaffolder or Advanced card and a Supervisory Health, Safety and Environment test or recognised exemption to attend the CISRS 2 Day supervisor refresher course. Those who successfully complete the programme will be deemed eligible to apply for a CISRS Supervisors card.

CISRS Scaffolding Supervisory and Manager training is recognised by Build UK. To find out more about the CISRS scheme, please visit or email


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NASC Members St Helens Plant Win 2016 Build Award

NASC Members St Helens Plant Win 2016 Build Award

NASC full non contracting (hire/sales) members St Helens Plant have won the construction and engineering category plus an ‘Excellence Award for Scaffolding Fabrication, Repair and Reconditioning’ in the recent Build Awards 2016.

This is the second accolade that St Helens Plant (known in the scaffolding sector for their fabrication, repair and reconditioning services) have won in 2016 – also netting a finalists placement in the Access and Scaffolding Specialist of the Year category in the Construction News 2016 Specialists Awards in February.

As one of the UK’s all-encompassing scaffolding supply specialists, St Helens Plant have gained national and international recognition for their commitment and contribution to the access and scaffolding industry.

Gordon Pilling of St Helens Plant said: “We’re delighted to have been nominated by our clients, and to have won this construction and engineering award, also to have gained an excellence award for scaffolding fabrication, repair and reconditioning.

“It’s another award purely down to the strength, commitment and loyalty of each one of our team, from factory, dispatch and delivery, and office staff. We are very proud of all of who commit daily to St Helens Plant and have made our international recognition and awards possible. I extend my gratitude to our clients and the Build Awards for the privilege of being awarded this accolade.

“Safety of supply is a huge focus for us at St Helens Plant and being part of NASC, we try and promote this as much as we can at every opportunity.”

NASC MD Robin James said: “Congratulations to St Helens Plant on this magnificent achievement for their services to the scaffolding sector. Working alongside big clients in the scaffolding industry, expanding their operations and winning significant awards, they are living proof of the success NASC members have had in 2016. We wish them further success into 2017 and beyond.”

For details on the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including on how to become an NASC member, TG20:13 and SG4:15, please visit or email:

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NASC 2017 Yearbook Launch: Announcing A Surge in Contracting Membership

NASC 2017 Yearbook Launch: Announcing A Surge in Contracting Membership

The NASC’s widely respected NASC 2017 Yearbook has launched – including confirmation of the highest level of NASC membership, since formation in 1945.

The Yearbook is packed with almost 100 pages of the latest UK scaffolding news, updates on new and revised NASC guidance, CISRS training and Britain’s premier access and scaffolding projects, as well as details of the activities of the confederation in 2016.

NASC Managing Director Robin James opens the popular publication with a welcome stating: “It’s boom time for the NASC and its members – as membership enquiries and applications peaked, sales of TG20:13 soared and the value of NASC membership reached scaffolding companies of all sizes in 2016.

“The NASC 2017 Yearbook testifies to a healthy and dynamic industry, and one that continues to astonish and amaze. The range and quality of work carried out by NASC member companies simply underlines the importance of maintaining the highest possible standards where requirements for NASC membership are concerned.”

NASC President, Alan Lilley – who launched the recent SME membership drive campaign at the 2015 AGM – added: “I am pleased to report the initiatives we undertook to attract new members have proved an unqualified success. I am eager for the NASC to be seen to represent the whole of the scaffolding industry and further initiatives by the confederation are being planned to broaden its appeal. Now is an opportune time to apply for contracting membership.”

The NASC 2017 Yearbook contains details of prestige projects from NASC members, showcasing scaffolding expertise, with examples of leading access and scaffolding jobs from across the UK – including the Battersea Power Station renovation project by QFS scaffolding, Carlisle Railway Station works by XERVON Palmers, Creamfields Steelyard by Acorn Scaffolding and the National Trust’s Clandon Park renovation after its fire, by Ideal Scaffolding (Southern), to name just a few.

Detailed reports updating from the various confederation committees are also included in the NASC Yearbook, including:

  • Audit and Membership report by outgoing Audit Committee Chair and current NASC President, Alan Lilley.
  • Access and Scaffolding Industry Training Organisation Committee report, by ASITO Chair, Mike Burr.
  • Health and Safety Committee report by Chair, Adrian Rooney
  • Technical Committee report by Chair, James Attridge.
  • Hire, Sale and Manufacturing Committee update by Des Moore, NASC Vice President and Hire/Sales Committee Chair, and NASC Code of Practice audit report by Jerry Watts, auditor (QSI Ltd), and
  • Contractual Committee report by Committee Chair, David Brown.

Further sections include information about the confederation and who’s who in the organisation, how to become an NASC member/membership criteria, a list of current NASC publications, the NASC Code of Conduct, membership benefits and an A-Z of all NASC Full Contracting, Hire & Sales and Information members.

The NASC 2017 Yearbook has been designed, edited and printed by Construction Manager publishers Atom (as per 2015 and 2016) and is being distributed to 30,000+ industry professionals and members of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) in the November/December issue of Construction Manager magazine, on November 5th.

In addition to the 96 page printed version, an e-reader version of the NASC 2017 Yearbook is available to view here and via the NASC website ‘About’ page.

For a printed hard copy of the NASC 2017 Yearbook and details on the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including on how to become an NASC member, TG20:13 and SG4:15, please visit or email:

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CISRS Tighten Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS) Entry Criteria

CISRS Tighten Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS) Entry Criteria

CISRS has tightened up the entry criteria and course requirements for its popular basic Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS).

Effective immediately, there is now a pre-qualification requirement that the delegate/employer must ensure they can provide evidence of a minimum of two years relevant industry experience prior to attending the basic SITS course.

Aimed at anyone responsible for carrying out statutory scaffold inspections on basic scaffolding structures in accordance with the Working at Height Regulations 2005 – as well as scaffolders wishing to expand their knowledge – the basic SITS course is one of the most intensive courses within the CISRS scheme, which entails three full days at an accredited training centre to complete.

The popular SITS courses are attended all across the UK by site managers, agents, engineers and health and safety professionals alike – covering the fundamental requirements for legal, safe and compliant scaffolding. The courses include practical inspection, theory, report writing, fault finding as well as an update on the latest NASC safety and technical guidance.

CISRS Scheme Manager, Dave Mosley said: “Scaffold inspection is such an important area with far-reaching effects and we feel that those attending the course should be able to verify that they have at least a rudimentary knowledge of scaffolding prior to attending training. They also need to be aware of the responsibility that comes with inspecting scaffolds – hence the pre-qualification change to two years relevant work experience.

“In the past, companies would send staff on scaffold inspection courses very early within their career in order to gain some basic knowledge about scaffolding. CISRS feel that in reality a scaffolding awareness/introduction to scaffolding course is more suitable, until they have more of a working knowledge of scaffolding on site”

As a result of the changes to the Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme, potential delegates will be required submit a CV, employer endorsement and/or proof of prior training at the point of booking a course.

CISRS are considering the possibility of putting together a short duration scaffolding awareness course, for entry level training purposes.

For more information on SITS courses, a full a list of approved training providers, further details about CISRS scaffolding card courses, a copy of the new CISRS cards poster, training changes following the introduction of SG4:15 and TG20:13, information and dates on courses available or to find out more about CISRS, please visit or email

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NASC Praised at Access Industry Forum (AIF) Conference

NASC Praised at Access Industry Forum (AIF) Conference

The work of the NASC has been widely praised by speakers and delegates at the recent Access Industry Form (AIF) National Work At Height Conference.

The conference took place at the Holywell Park Conference Centre at Loughborough University on Thursday 13th October and involved around 100 industry professionals and representatives from the 11 AIF member bodies, including leading trade associations and federations involved working at height.

Conference keynote speaker, Phillip White, Head of Operational Policy and Strategy at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – who opened the conference, following introductions from AIF – praised AIF members, including the NASC specifically, for helping to “drive up health and safety standards in the work at height sector,” and made reference to the importance of the developing use of innovation and technology in the industry, such as the TG20:13 eGuide.

And industry expert, Barney Green, a freelance Technical Advisor who was representing the Association of Project Safety (APS) at the conference also heaped praise on the NASC for the TG20:13 eGuide, which he said was “an absolute game changer for the industry, a fabulous product and the best piece of guidance the NASC has published.”

The NASC also had a successful display stand at the event, and handed out the NASC 2016 Safety Report, promotional material and the new CISRS CAP 609 General Information Booklet and ‘Have You Got The Right Card?’ posters, as well as fielding questions and enquiries from many event delegates.

NASC’s Technical and Safety officer, Ken Johnson, who attended the event said: “It was an interesting meeting, well organised, with significant speakers. There have been several attempts over the years to provide an umbrella network for work at height groups, and AIF are doing a superb job of bringing the industry together. They are driving change and ultimately, helping to get those who work at height home safely to their loved ones. This conference has been an excellent step in the right direction, for AIF, as well as for NASC and CISRS, with some very useful dialogue.”

NASC Marketing consultant, Phil Royle added: “This has been an excellent and most useful event – with lively, engaging and informative expert speakers discussing a wide variety of work at height topics.

“It has also recognised how valuable the work that NASC and CISRS are doing is in the work at height and scaffolding sectors. To be praised highly by fellow industry professionals is indeed an honour. And we are delighted to be recognised for the good work our council, committee and staff members do – year in, year out – helping to make the scaffolding industry a safer place to work, through regulation, innovation and training.”

The NASC recently re-joined the Access Industry Forum (AIF) – the UK’s leading platform for principal trade bodies and federations in the work at height sector – with effect from 1 July 2016. This conference was the first event NASC and CISRS have been involved with since rejoining.

For details about the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member and for details about the NASC Scaffolding Specification Document, new biennial scaffolding product innovation award, to order copies of the SG4:You 2015 pocket guide, information on the latest Safety (SG) and Technical (TG) guidance, or to order a TG20:13 full suite, please visit or email: And To obtain a copy of CAP 609, or the new cards poster or to find out more about CISRS, please visit or email

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New £1M Scottish CISRS Scaffolding Training Centre Opens

New £1M Scottish CISRS Scaffolding Training Centre Opens

CISRS has granted accreditation to a brand new scaffold training centre in the North East of Scotland – designed to meet the extensive needs of both the construction and oil and gas industries within the region.

The £1 million, purpose built training facility based at Clinterty in Aberdeen is the result of a matched funding partnership between The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and ASET International Oil & Gas Training Academy (ASET).

The business is the first scaffolding training centre in a region notable for the offshore scaffolding sector and will deliver a wide range of CISRS training ranging from apprenticeships to scaffold inspection.

Courses offered will include: CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS), Part 1, Part 2 and Basic Scaffolding Inspection Training Scheme (SITS), the centre will look to further enhance accreditation in the future to include the full range of CISRS courses, Advanced Scaffolding and Inspection, Supervisory training, Systems courses etc.

CISRS accreditation auditor, Trevor Donoghue said: “ASET and CITB have built an excellent centre here in Aberdeen, based upon the practical facilities I would envisage them increasing their CISRS course portfolio before next year’s annual audit visit.”

The centre aims to provide training for up to 50 scaffolding apprentices a year – with nine apprentices starting their apprenticeship in the first few weeks of the centre gaining accreditation.

Atholl Menzies, Chief Executive at ASET, commented: “This is an exciting time for ASET and CITB as we begin to realise our vision of creating a centre of excellence for scaffolding training in the North of Scotland. This purpose–built facility is perfectly positioned to meet the demand for accredited training at introductory and advanced levels – from Dundee to Shetland. The facility will train and upskill the Scottish workforce and benefit both the construction and oil and gas industries.

“The apprenticeship provision will help to attract new entrants into the industry, making an important contribution to the local economy. And the extensive range of commercial courses available will open up new opportunities for employers and individuals alike.

“Organisations now have a greater choice in selecting the right training options to develop the skills of their workforce, and individuals can choose to develop existing or acquire new skills in readiness for market opportunities in the decommissioning arena.”

Dundee-based employer Kevin Malone from Skyline Scaffolding Ltd’s apprentice, Darren Holt, who has just commenced his training at the new facility said: “I was extremely happy when I heard the new centre was opening. It is long overdue, and will certainly be a great boost for scaffolding training in the area.”

David Mosley, CISRS Scheme Manager echoed these sentiments when he stated: “There has been talk of opening a second CISRS training centre in Scotland for over a decade, NCC Scotland in Inchinnan is full to bursting at the moment, I’m sure the additional capacity in the North of Scotland will be very warmly received within the scaffolding fraternity, we wish them every success.”

A full listing of CISRS training courses at the new facility can be found at And for further information on the CISRS scheme, to obtain free copies of the CISRS General Information Booklet, ‘Have You Got The Right Card?’ CISRS poster, or any other relevant CISRS information please visit or email

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New NASC Promotional Film Launches

New NASC Promotional Film Launches

The NASC has launched a promotional film – aiming to broaden the safe scaffolding message of the UK’s leading access and scaffolding trade body and to encourage small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to become members of the confederation.

The three-minute film – which is available to view via the NASC’s social media channels and website – features interviews with three different sized member companies, at three separate locations and access and scaffolding jobs across the UK.

Kyle Basterfield, Commercial Director of Kirk Scaffolding Ltd in Blackburn, is interviewed at a conventional tube and fitting scaffold on a large church tower renovation project in rural Lancashire. David McBride, Senior Contracts Supervisory Manager of Turner Access Limited in Glasgow talks about a large-scale housing job using their OCTO system scaffolding for EON Energy Services. And Ian McFarlane, Director of Business & Project Development for XERVON Palmers Limited, is on site at a huge job for for main contractor Galliford Try, providing scaffolding services and access solutions over live railway lines for the extensive renovation of Carlisle train station.

The film was shot by a leading supplier of digital media using the latest equipment and techniques, with the project managed by NASC Marketing Manager, Phil Royle of Royle Media, who said: “We wanted to create a modern, fast-paced and engaging film about what being an NASC member does for different sizes of scaffolding contracting firms, why they should want to be part of the confederation, what the benefits of being involved are and to give the construction sector a clear visual message of the quality, safe and regulated service our 200+ contracting members offer.

“The end result is something accessible, interesting and inspirational for those who watch it, and we hope it will be widely enjoyed and shared within the scaffolding, construction and health and safety industries.”

NASC President Alan Lilley said: “It has been said by many that the NASC is a closed shop – this could not be further from the truth, and this film goes a long way to get that message across. One of my aims during my presidency is to significantly increase the membership by the end of my term in 2017 by raising the profile of the confederation. This film is an important part of that process. Hopefully it will encourage many SME firms to go through the audit process (with our help) and become NASC members.”

To view the film, please visit the NASC website and Twitter or Facebook social media channels (where the film is pinned to the top of the profiles).

And for details about the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member and for details about the NASC Scaffolding Specification Document, new biennial scaffolding product innovation award, to order copies of the SG4:You 2015 pocket guide, information on the latest Safety (SG) and Technical (TG) guidance, or to order a TG20:13 full suite, please visit or email: