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CISRS Accredited Training Centres Reopen

Since June CISRS approved providers across the country have cautiously began to recommence training at their centres. There are currently courses being delivered in 18 locations in the UK, with many more set to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Prior to opening their doors, centres were required to submit detailed risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) with supporting documentation and photographic evidence outlining restrictions and precautions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, whilst delivering training.

These cover each step of the training experience from arriving at the centre, moving around the site, getting to classrooms, practical training areas, welfare facilities and getting back home safely.

CISRS are working with providers to closely monitor, looking to identify any areas that may need additional consideration.

David Mosley, CISRS Managing Director and NASC Director for Training, said: “The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the whole industry hard; scaffolders, employers, clients as well as the training providers. There is still a lot of uncertainty ahead, but the sector has responded very positively and looked for ways to move forward in safe and productive manner.”


New provision

Two brand new centres have gained CISRS accreditation since the lift of the lockdown, PERI Ltd in Brentwood, Essex, which will deliver COTS, SITS and PERI SSPTS courses and Aspects Total Training in Coventry, which is currently accredited for COTS, SITS and Part 1, but will go onto to deliver the full suite of CISRS training once it is established.

Michelle McFall, Training Manager at Aspects Total Training, said: “It hasn’t been the smoothest of starts for us as we had initially looked to open at the end of February. We obviously had to change our plans however we have put additional precautions in place and opened the centre a couple of weeks ago. The scaffolders have responded really well, accepting all the procedures put in place.

“We are hoping to keep moving forward and look to operate to our full potential as soon as it is safe to do so.”


Centre Capacity

Centres are initially dealing with courses which have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic but are also taking general bookings.

Although several providers are operating at a reduced capacity, they are putting on extra courses particularly short duration courses egg COTS, CPD to take up the slack.

Rick Statham, Managing Director of Safety and Access, added: “Despite the difficult circumstances for all we have been encouraged by the requests for CISRS training and we are trying to respond to demand as swiftly as possible. Between our two centres at Nottingham and Immingham we will have had more than 100 delegates complete CPD in July alone.”

A similar situation is happening across most centres, Simian Skills are running two CPD courses per week since reopening as scaffolders look to get their cards up to date.

The card administration run by NOCN has remained in operation through the Covid-19 pandemic, so those completing training can have their card application turned around in 9 days.

At present CISRS is still requesting that Industry show leniency to operatives with recently expired cards until course availability and centre capacity can be stabilised and established. This is in line with other CSCS affiliated card schemes and is supported by Build UK and HSE.

Dave Mosley added: “We appreciate that we are not out of the woods yet and that the ongoing commercial uncertainty may prove fatal to some centres, which will be a real blow for the industry.

“That said the response to date from providers has been excellent, the feedback from the delegates has been very positive and the demand for training continues, as such we will press on with training following all the relevant procedures and like everybody else aim to get through this safely.”


Centres reopened:

AIS, North Shields

AIS, Aberdeen

Alpha Safety, Swansea

Aspects Total Training, Coventry

Britannia Safety & Training, Wymondham, Norfolk

Lawson, Workington, Cumbria

LTC Training, Plymouth

LTC Training, Cullompton

NCC Midlands, Birmingham

NETA, Stockton on Tees

PERI, Brentwood

Safety and Access Ltd, Nottingham

Safety and Access Ltd, Immingham

Simian Skills, Warrington

Simian Skills, Waltham Forrest

Simian Skills, Weston Super Mare

TFC, London

Training 2000, Blackburn


Due to reopen in the coming weeks:

CHSG, Chertsey

CITB NI, Antrim

Layher, Stevenage

NCC South, Erith – 13th July 2020

NCC East, Bircham – 13th July



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