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CISRS Overseas Scaffolder Training Scheme (OSTS) Middle East Update: Expansion, Accreditation Success & Emirates Aluminium Endorsement

The CISRS Overseas Scaffolder Training Scheme (OSTS) is booming in the Middle East region – following a visit by Scheme Manager, Dave Mosley.

Mr Mosley recently returned from a trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he carried out successful annual accreditation audits on two leading CISRS OSTS training providers, Safety & Access Middle East at Um Al Quwain and Simian Skill in Dubai. This is the forth successful accreditation for both brands, after they were initially accredited in 2013.

Both CISRS centres offer a wide range of CISRS OSTS training courses, including Level 1– 3 Scaffolder, Basic and Advanced and Inspection, Supervisor and Systems product training. And between the two centres they have trained more than 1,000 delegates with scaffolder, inspector, and supervisor courses in recent years.

The Simian Skill and Safety & Access training facilities have instructors and translators on hand who can speak several languages including Hindu, Urdu, Nepalese, Arabic and as such are well equipped to deal with the multicultural construction and manufacturing workforce in UAE.

Simian Skill in Dubai are currently qualifying and training a new Instructor, Wajahat Ali, the brother of popular instructor Abid Gul. Wajahat will work under direct supervision of Abid and leading Simian Instructor, Andy Sharp until he reaches the necessary level of competence and experience to qualify as a CISRS OSTS instructor.

Mr Mosley also found industry support for CISRS OSTS developing in the Middle East. Simian Skill Director, Ian Fyall has been working with Mayank Agrawal Senior Superintendent at Safety, Emirates Global Aluminium (part of the Emirates Global Aluminium Group) for over 12 months now, and the client is so pleased with the CISRS training programme that this large brand has written OSTS into its contracts, so that any scaffolder on site must qualify through the scheme.

On his recent Middle East visit, Mr Mosley met Mayank Agrawal with Ian Fyall, and had positive discussions about the CISRS OSTS and SG4:15, SG6 and TG20:13, National Access and Scaffolding Confederation’s recent core safety and technical guidance, all supported by CISRS.

CISRS Scheme Manager, Dave Mosley said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to see the OSTS growing so well, thanks to experts like Simian Skill and Safety & Access. Congratulations on the accreditation to both brands and long may the excellent standards continue.

“And it was great to meet up with Mr Mayank Agrawal from Emirates Global Aluminium. It’s very encouraging that such an important client should include CISRS in their procedural documents for contractors. Mayank is very keen to have all scaffolders on site qualified via a scheme that is directly linked to the UK standards and CISRS OSTS is the only way to achieve this. He felt that as CISRS has been available in the region for over three years now there is nothing to stop the scaffolding contractors meeting this requirement.“

Interest in the OSTS (which launched in 2013) is growing rapidly now – with some 4,500+ card holders worldwide and Simian Skill opening the first centre in Nigeria early in the year and Safety & Access looking to gain accreditation for a centre in Nepal imminently too.

For a full a list of approved OSTS training providers, further details about CISRS card courses, training changes following the introduction of SG4:15 and TG20:13, information and dates on courses available or to find out more about CISRS, please visit www.cisrs.org.uk or email enquiries@cisrs.org.uk.




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