NASC Contractual Guidance Notes Updated and Extended

Eight contractual guidance notes have been updated and amended as part of the NASC’s ongoing efforts to ensure all reference materials remain up-to-date and fit-for-purpose.

The documents, which cover a wide range of topics including pavement licences, pre-tender information and employment contracts, were reviewed and amended by the NASC Contracts Committee.

They are all available for purchase via the NASC online shop.

A new guidance note – CG23:18 Training Costs Agreements – has also been published and added to the online shop.

This document identifies a number of important factors scaffolding contractors should consider when seeking to reclaim any part of the cost of work-related training incurred when an employee leaves the company.

David Brown, Chair of the NASC Contracts Committee, said: “These documents provide scaffolding contractors with vital contractual guidance across a broad range of topics.

“The guidance is intended to make complex issues and requirements easier to understand and action, helping contractors to ensure they have appropriate contracts in place with clients and suppliers.”

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, added: “We are pleased to have updated a significant portion of the NASC contractual guidance library. The confederation looks to review all published materials every five years, bringing them up to date with legislation and the evolving requirement of scaffolding contractors as required.

“As part of this objective, the Contracts Committee will be meeting to review a number of further contractual guidance documents later this year as well as Q1 2019.”



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