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Don’t Put Pressure on Contractors

The NASC is calling on main contractors to refrain from placing unreasonable pressure on access and scaffolding contractors to continue working on sites.

The NASC recognises that the Government’s latest Covid-19 restrictions do not put a stop to construction industry activities but also believes that no contractor should feel obliged – through fear of delay penalties or otherwise – to send operatives to sites that they deem unsafe.

The NASC has advised scaffolding contractors to make risk-based assessments of every project they are currently undertaking and take note of the Site Operating Procedures – Protecting Your Workforce document issued by the Construction Leadership Council in conjunction with Build UK.

NASC Managing Director Robin James said: “We have made considerable efforts to speak with scaffolding contractors of all shapes and sizes to better understand the challenges they are currently facing.

“Through this engagement it has become apparent that many contractors are being unduly pressurised to continue working on sites. The NASC believes that employee health and safety should be prioritised at all times and that scaffolding contractors that choose to withdraw operatives from site should not be punished for doing so.

“Additionally, the NASC repeats its call for Government to provide more detailed advice to the construction industry.”



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