Membership Applications and Terminations

This page lists companies who are currently going through the full membership application process, and companies who have had their membership terminated due to resignation, insolvency events, non-compliance with NASC Criteria, or non-payment of subscriptions.

Membership Applications

Company Name                             Location              Date               Status

CRBS (SW) Ltd                                    Bristol                 16/08/18       Awaiting Site Audit

SEA Scaffolding Ltd                            Bungay               16/01/19        Awaiting Desktop

Browne’s Scaffolding Ltd                   Ashford              22/01/19       Awaiting Site Audit

DTE Scaffolding & Netting Ltd        Colchester          18/02/19       Awaiting Desktop

Stork Technical Services Ltd            Aberdeen            14/03/19       Awaiting Desktop

First Safety Construction Ltd           Aldermaston      14/03/19        Awaiting Desktop

Membership Terminations 

Company Name Region Date membership ceased
Project Scaffolding Ltd (incorporated to Network Scaffolding Contractors Ltd) North & North Wales 01/08/16
Modus Access UK Ltd London & South East 03/08/16
ALP Scaffolding Services Ltd London & South East 20/09/16
AAA Scaffold Ltd Midlands 31/12/16
Construction Site Scaffolding Ltd South West & South Wales 03/03/17
SHS Integrated Services (Transmission) Ltd North & North Wales 23/03/17
SHS Integrated Services Ltd South West & South Wales 23/03/17
Altrad MTD Ltd (Incorporated to TRAD Midlands Midlands 01/09/17
TBF Scaffolding Ltd London & South East 15/01/18
Tiger Scaffolding Ltd North & North Wales 29/03/18
Glamorgan Scaffolding Solutions Ltd South West & South Wales 29/03/18
Everup Scaffolding Company Ltd Midlands 29/03/18
City Scaffold Services (Midlands) Ltd Midlands 02/05/18
Renvac Scaffolding Ltd North & North Wales 08/05/18
Anglewest Ltd London & South East 24/05/18
A & J Maintenance Support Ltd Scotland & NI 12/06/18
DaMar Scaffolding Ltd London & South East 19/07/18
Niall Scaffolders Ltd London & South East 13/09/18
Hadley Scaffolding Ltd London & South East 19/11/18
360 Scaffolding Ltd Midlands 01/01/19
Altrad Beaver 84 Ltd London & South East 01/01/19
ASC Services Ltd Midlands 01/01/19

Updated 21 March 2019