Membership Applications

Company Name                                         Location              Date               Status

CRBS (SW) Ltd                                                Bristol                      16/08/18       Awaiting Site audit

TBF Scaffolding Ltd                                        Ipswich                   24/04/19      Queries raised

First Safety Construction Ltd                      Aldermaston           14/03/19       Re-audit required

JR Scaffold Services Ltd                                Paisley                     27/05/19       Queries raised

Crown Scaffolding (UK) Ltd                         New Mills               17/06/19       Awaiting site audit

Houtman Scaffolding Ltd                              Newtonabbey        11/07/19       Awaiting site audit

Climax Scaffolding Ltd                                   Liverpool               26/07/19      Awaiting desktop audit

Apex Scaffolding Anglia Ltd                          Lowestoft              05/08/19      Awaiting desktop audit

Formark Scaffolding (Holdings) Ltd           Whyteleafe            12/09/19      Awaiting desktop audit

City Access Scaffolding Ltd                           Gorebridge            16/09/19      Awaiting desktop audit


Membership Terminations 

Company Name Region Date membership ceased
Project Scaffolding Ltd (incorporated to Network Scaffolding Contractors Ltd) North & North Wales 01/08/16
Modus Access UK Ltd London & South East 03/08/16
ALP Scaffolding Services Ltd London & South East 20/09/16
AAA Scaffold Ltd Midlands 31/12/16
Construction Site Scaffolding Ltd South West & South Wales 03/03/17
SHS Integrated Services (Transmission) Ltd North & North Wales 23/03/17
SHS Integrated Services Ltd South West & South Wales 23/03/17
Altrad MTD Ltd (Incorporated to TRAD Midlands Midlands 01/09/17
TBF Scaffolding Ltd London & South East 15/01/18
Tiger Scaffolding Ltd North & North Wales 29/03/18
Glamorgan Scaffolding Solutions Ltd South West & South Wales 29/03/18
Everup Scaffolding Company Ltd Midlands 29/03/18
City Scaffold Services (Midlands) Ltd Midlands 02/05/18
Renvac Scaffolding Ltd North & North Wales 08/05/18
Anglewest Ltd London & South East 24/05/18
A & J Maintenance Support Ltd Scotland & NI 12/06/18
DaMar Scaffolding Ltd London & South East 19/07/18
Niall Scaffolders Ltd London & South East 13/09/18
Hadley Scaffolding Ltd London & South East 19/11/18
360 Scaffolding Ltd Midlands 01/01/19
Altrad Beaver Ltd London & South East 01/01/19
ASC Services Ltd Midlands 01/01/19
Strathclyde Scaffolding Services Ltd Scotland & NI 02/07/19
Seabro Scaffolding Ltd London & South East 19/07/19
Focus (MDC) Ltd North & North Wales 19/08/19
GB Scaffolding (Gainsborough) Ltd Midlands 02/09/19

Updated 19 September 2019