NASC Introduces Online Membership Application and Audit Process

The NASC has introduced a state-of-the-art online membership application system – streamlining the process for full membership applications for potential new members.

This online process has been developed by London-based website technicians, Deep (responsible for creating the new-look NASC website) and makes it simpler for scaffolding firms to apply for full membership of the 240+ strong confederation – bringing the organisation into line with other similar pre-qualification membership audit systems.

NASC President, Alan Lilley of Commercial Scaffolding Ltd said: “NASC have pursued the online application/membership process to simplify the desktop application and annual audit procedure along with the site audit (which is undertaken every two years).

“All the information required for the audit will be uploaded to the NASC portal a month prior to the site audit – allowing our auditors more time to carry out site audits, which is a time-consuming process. The new online system will also replace the two-yearly self-certification, which is currently required to be completed by our members.

“Once the first online information is completed it will be a simple exercise to amend the details and maintain each year. The records will be stored electronically by the NASC – thereby removing the need to store paper files, as is the current arrangement.

“I am confident that the whole process will allow the NASC to carry out its audits in a more efficient manor and bring it into line with other accredited bodies in the construction industry.”

In order to cope with the influx of current membership applications and efficiently manage the new online portal, NASC has taken on an extra member of staff, Stephen Allen-Tidy, an IOSH qualified Health and Safety Advisor, who will be responsible for assessing and verifying the information when it is uploaded onto the new membership application section of the website.

And the confederation has also taken on two new NASC auditors, James Brierley and Craig Penketh, to cope with the additional demands of the expanding NASC membership.

NASC Audit Committee Chairman, Mel Archer of Archway Services Plc said: “Auditing our members has become more efficient with the introduction of the online application form. Enrolling new contracting membership applications digitally should mean that a new applicant will have quicker access to full membership of the NASC.

“Our team of independent auditors will now have more time to be able to focus on the scaffolding activities of our members both on-site and at their depots – to ensure full compliance with membership standards and adherence to the strict criteria for full membership.”

Putting the new system into context, the latest member of the confederation, Plymouth-based JEM Scaffolding Ltd, Operations Director, Richard Barnes said: “Thank you very much. If you knew what a difficult year this had been, you would not believe how happy NASC membership has made us. Thanks for your support and we look forward to working with the rest of the NASC members going forward.”

NASC MD, Robin James added: “With a record level of members and a continued growth in membership applications, the confederation needed to modernise and streamline its application processes, and boost the support behind the scenes to improve efficiency. We are confident the whole membership and audit process is now simpler, faster and more modern and we’re sure the membership will find it useful.”

For details on the new membership application process, copies of the NASC’s TG20:13, SG4:15 and the plethora of other recently published, industry-accepted Technical Guidance (TG) and Health and Safety Guidance (SG) and on the NASC – the national trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK – including how to become an NASC member, please visit or email:



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