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NASC issues updated Health and Safety Guidance

The NASC has recently published the following Health & Safety guidance titles all of which have been updated to 2017. Hard copies have been issued to all NASC full contracting members, who may also download them from the NASC website free of charge.

Non-members wishing to purchase copies of these (and other) guidance titles may order them directly from the NASC website or alternatively by emailing:

SG2:17 Asbestos Licences and Ancillary Work involving the Scaffolding Contractor

This guidance has been written to reflect the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and has been produced following consultation and advice from the Asbestos Licensing Unit (ALU).

SG8:17 Reporting of Accidents Procedures and RIDDOR

This document includes simple changes in the requirements of reporting to be noted for RIDDOR needs.

SG13:17 Health Surveillance in Scaffolding

Health surveillance is the application of systematic, regular and appropriate procedures to detect early signs of work related ill health in employees who are exposed to certain health risks. An important area for consideration in managing well and leading to consideration of behavioural safety.

SG15:17 Drugs and Alcohol at Work

Substance abuse affects the functioning of both body and mind and can increase the chance of having or causing an accident. The damaging health effects of substance abuse may increase when combined with exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace.

SG19:17 A Guide to Formulating a Rescue Plan

The legal requirement for rescue is specified in the ‘Work at Height Regulations 2005’ and requires every employer to take account of the need for easy and timely evacuation and rescue in an emergency when selecting work equipment for use in work at height.

SG21:17 Entry into Confined Spaces

Where it is not reasonably practicable to avoid entering a confined space to undertake work, the employer or self-employed person is responsible for ensuring that a safe system of work is used. This guidance outlines the hazards associated with Confined Space Entry.

SG22:17 Induction Training

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requires that employers give all employees sufficient information, training & supervision as is necessary for their Health & Safety. A broad guidance designed to ensure good preparation and emphasising to employees the areas of responsibility in working safely.

SG30:17 Management of Road Haulage for the Scaffolding Contractor

This guidance note is intended to help employers, managers and supervisors reduce the risk of vehicle accidents in the workplace. It will also be useful for self-employed people, contractors, safety representatives, vehicle operators and other employees concerned with transport safety in the workplace.

SG32:17 Provision of Extended and Telescopic Transoms and Board Brackets

This guidance is a detailed review intended to provide an overview of the existing products and work methods available for providing an inside platform on scaffolding and information and instruction to ensure they are used correctly in order to prevent falls of objects and people.

SG34:17 Guidance on Protection of the Public

This NASC guidance document has been produced to give an overview of the planning required and the range of precautions that need to be considered to eliminate the risk of harm including that of controlling the risk of falling material and transport accidents.

Adrian Rooney (NASC Health and Safety Committee Chair) commented: “NASC member representatives work tirelessly to develop and refine a comprehensive range of guidance to support the members in their day to day scaffold contracting requirements. Iconic titles such as SG4 and TG20 are supplemented by a range of lesser known but no less worthy titles, all of which play an important part in raising standards across the sector.”

For details on the NASC’s TG20:13, SG4:15, other guidance notes and the NASC – the national trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK – including how to become an NASC member, please visit or email:



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