Yearbook Front Cover 2019

NASC Launches 2019 Yearbook

The NASC is proud to launch its 2019 Yearbook – showcasing the latest confederation news and updates.

The Yearbook features a round-up of the achievements and plans of the various NASC committees, more than a dozen pages of project overviews submitted by NASC members as well as a comprehensive listing of full contracting NASC members.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to launch the NASC 2019 Yearbook. I’d like to thank all those members that submitted copy for inclusion – showcased on the project pages – and also those that took advertising spaces.

This year’s publication is packed with helpful information, reviews and updates on the work of the confederation, and includes reports from its standing committees including the new Current Affairs committee, which has already made a strong impression.

“Whilst looking back at activities undertaken throughout this year, the Yearbook also looks ahead to 2019. We have plans to host more presentations and events up and down the country next year with a view to further increasing the number of clients including NASC membership as a pre-requisite for their projects.

“Membership continues to grow, and we expect the 250 barrier to be breached in terms of number of scaffolding contractors in NASC full membership during early 2019.”

Des Moore, NASC President and CEO of TRAD Group, opens the Yearbook with his President’s Report, which takes stock of the successes of his first year in post and ahead to his ambitions for the year to come.

He said: “I feel that we have put many wheels in motion during my first year as President and have generated a great deal of momentum. It’s now about keeping this going in my second year to ensure all successes are fully maximised and platforms put in place to deliver long- as well as short-term benefits.

“Keeping this momentum going will require greater support and input from our membership and I encourage all members to get involved with NASC events and activities and to have their say on the future of the NASC.

“I believe the NASC should represent all members, regardless of size and location, and would welcome any input on how we can continue to raise standards.”

In addition to the 96 page printed version, an e-reader version of the NASC 2019 Yearbook is available to view here and via the NASC website ‘About’ page.



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