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NASC Launches New SSIP Assessment Portal

The NASC has developed a new online portal to make SSIP assessments more accessible for full contracting members.

Since becoming a SSIP Registered Member in September 2017 the NASC has been able to offer free SSIP assessments for its members as part of the annual online audit process.  With this new standalone portal, members now have the ability to complete their full SSIP assessment outside of their audit schedule.

By offering this new service NASC members will not be in the predicament of being without SSIP membership through another scheme whilst waiting for the NASC audit to come around for them to be assessed.

NASC Membership Manager Jamie McGuire said: “Our initial intention was to provide one membership certificate featuring an NASC audit expiry date and an SSIP expiry date, with the aim of having both dates aligned.  But a large percentage of our members already held SSIP membership and were choosing the “Deem to Satisfy” route, which often led to some confusion on the certificate and could be perceived that the company wasn’t currently compliant. Nobody wants an out of date expiry date on their certificate.”

A new NASC SSIP certificate has been created and will soon be in circulation within the industry.

NASC Audit Committee Chairman Mel Archer commented: “Essentially, we have given the members more ability to qualify for free SSIP assessments which is a fantastic benefit. It not only saves time in avoiding duplication of PQQs for our members, it means they save costs when applying for other SSIP schemes.”

The new portal is available here and is currently only available for current NASC full members, or companies undergoing the NASC application process.  It is envisaged that in the future NASC will open up SSIP assessment to non-NASC members for a fee.

If you are interested in applying for NASC full membership please click here or contact to discuss the benefits of joining the NASC.



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