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NASC Launches SG4:15 at AGM

The NASC has launched the eagerly-awaited update of the confederation’s core scaffolding fall prevention guidance – SG4:15 – at its AGM in Leeds today (Friday November 27th). 

Fittingly in the confederation’s 70th anniversary year, the widely-recognised and industry standard for safe scaffolding, SG4:15 re-titled ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’ – was launched in front of the NASC’s membership, with the document available free to download from the NASC website. Hard copies of the management guidance and SG4:You pocket user guide will follow in due course.

In addition, NASC MD, Robin James also revealed that the updated guidance will be showcased at NASC ’roadshow’ events in 2016.

Whilst many of the principles of SG4 remain unchanged, the fine-tuning “evolution not revolution” updates to the guidance reflect the broader scope introduced by TG20 compliant scaffolds, changes to good practice and industry innovation in the scaffolding sector. 

These include: 

  1. Erecting floor height lifts
  2. Bridging with beams
  3. Loading bay gate installation
  4. Cantilever scaffolding 
  5. Chimney stack scaffolding 
  6. Personal fall protection equipment  

As with previous versions of SG4, the latest SG4:15 update will come in the form of a detailed A4 management guide, ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’  and will be supported by an A5 pocket user guide, SG4:You – providing essential information to scaffolders in a user friendly format.

The NASC’s past President, Kevin Ward said: “SG4 works! The NASC accident statistics speak for themselves and in light of these, this revision has been more of a fine-tuning exercise rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.”

And speaking at the AGM, Mr James said: “We’re very happy to be launching the revised SG4 guidance. Since its inception in the 1990s, SG4 has stood the test of time and evolved to become the de facto standard for the protection of scaffolders working at height. 

“This core NASC publication – backed by BuildUK and principal contractors across the UK and beyond, internationally – continues to focus on prevention and protection, like the ‘Scaffolders’ Safe Zone’, but now also includes a range of updates to reflect changes within the industry, such as the introduction of TG20:13.

“We are confident the latest revision – part of our on-going commitment to update guidance every five years – will be widely accepted by the industry. Working at height is the biggest risk faced by scaffolders and adhering to the principles in SG4:15 will not only serve to offer continual improvement in accident prevention, but will assist users to meet work at height obligations.”  

For details about the latest SG4:15 ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’ Safety Guidance, the TG20:13 full suite and the NASC – the UK scaffolding industry trade body – including becoming an NASC member, please visit or email:

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