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NASC Scaffolder CPD

The requirement for Scaffolders and Advanced Scaffolders to complete the CISRS 2-day CPD course has been in place since 1st July 2017. In the intervening 6-month period, around 100 CPD courses have taken place across the UK. With card renewals numbers now exceeding 1000, feedback from those attending has been very positive.

The issue of who pays for CPD training has been widely discussed on social media and was recently raised with NASC via the Construction Industry Joint Council who wish to include a statement within the Working Rule Agreement (WRA) giving clarification. A statement of clarification as appropriate to the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI) has recently been added to that Agreement.

Towards the end of 2017, further to consideration by NASC Council, the basic premise that employers should pay for CPD training courses was agreed by consensus. A proposed form of words was circulated to Council members in respect to this issue and the following statement has since been agreed:

‘The NASC Council has confirmed that Members will fund the CPD course fee and reasonable associated costs of attendance for scaffolders in their direct employment as at the date of CISRS Scaffolder and CISRS Advanced Scaffolder card renewal. As with other employer funded training, such funding may be linked to Training Agreements.’

Dave Mosley (CISRS Manager and NASC Director of Training) said:

”I see this as a very welcome and positive move. One of the most frequently asked questions following the introduction of CPD was the issue of who will pay for the course. It is clear with this statement that NASC members are looking to do the right thing by their directly employed labour force.”

A very similar statement has been offered by the CIJC Employers to the CIJC Trade Unions for inclusion within the Working Rule Agreement and if adopted will then apply to all scaffolding companies who operate under that WRA agreement.

Any special conditions the employer may wish to apply in relation to funding CPD can be included within a training agreement or contract of employment e.g. an employee must have completed the probationary period with the company before funding is effective, if the operative leaves within a specified period after receiving this employer funded training, the costs of the course (reducing over time) will be reclaimed by the employer etc.

NASC has set aside funds to assist members whilst supporting their employers though the CPD process (£125 per operative). For further information go to

Currently levy payers will be able to apply for CITB short duration training daily attendance grant, however considerable changes are to be made to the CITB grant scheme from April 2018.

Some CISRS training providers are running subsidised CPD courses at a reduced rate. Any information we receive will be circulated to the membership and the wider industry.



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