Technical Guidance

TG20:13 eGuide

Designed for Mac, PC and tablet use, making it extremely easy to check scaffolds for TG20:13 compliance digitally, with user-friendly software which will facilitate printing and circulation of details of TG20 compliant structures by email. The TG20:13 e-Guide calculates and prints compliance sheets for TG20 compliant scaffolding. It allows TG20 to incorporate a wide range of scaffolding configurations, and calculates safe heights, tie duties and leg loads. (Price of TG20:13 eGuide includes VAT and £6 P&P). Please note: postage has been removed temporarily due to Covid-19 as NASC will send the serial number via email and members are asked to download the TG20 software via the NASC website



Members wishing to place an order for 10+ or 50+ copies of the eGuide must email as further discounts apply.

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