Preparing to Install the eGuide

Before the TG20:13 eGuide can be installed it is necessary to configure your Android device to allow apps to be downloaded from locations other than the Google Play store. To do this, open the device Settings and enable Unknown sources in the Security section. The exact screen layout will depend on your device and Android version, but it appears as follows on the Google Nexus 7:

Downloading the eGuide

Download the TG20:13 eGuide directly onto your Android device by selecting this link:

NASC TG20:13 eGuide 1.2 Android software download

When the download has completed, go to your Downloads folder and choose the tg20eguide.apk item in the list.

Then select the option to install the software with the Package Installer. Once the eGuide has been installed it can be started by pressing this icon:

When the eGuide is run for the first time you will be prompted to install Adobe AIR if you do not already have it. This is the software platform the eGuide has been built with:

You can also install Adobe AIR and find out more about it from the Google Play Store:

Licensing the eGuide

You will be prompted to enter a serial number and activate the eGuide when it is used for the first time. Please contact the NASC to purchase a serial number.

Note that each serial number can only be activated on one computer or device at a time, so you will require two different serial numbers to use the eGuide on a computer and on an Android device.

Alternatively you can transfer the licence between your computer and device by following the procedure described in the TG20:13 eGuide FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions).