TG20:13 Pricing Structure for Non-members

Prospective purchasers of TG20:13 Design Guide & Operational Guide can now order via the online shop before having to purchase the full suite.

Prospective purchasers of standalone TG20:13 publications can now order the Design Guide and Operational Guide without having to order a full suite of TG20:13 publications from NASC.

Non members wishing to purchase a full suite of TG20:13 publications may do so by going to the NASC website publications area and ordering online.

Further to purchase of the full suite of TG20:13 publications, orders for standalone TG20:13 publications may be placed by contacting the NASC via with order details.

Once verified by NASC that the prospective purchaser has previously ordered the full suite of TG20:13 publications, the NASC will email a proforma for the standalone TG20:13 publications order, for payment by credit card, BACS or cheque.

Goods will be despatched once funds have cleared into the NASC account.

Title                                                               Non member price

TG20:13 Full Suite £500 plus VAT & delivery
TG20:13 eGuide
TG20:13 Operational Guide
£250 plus VAT & delivery
£125 zero VAT
TG20:13 Design Guide £125 zero VAT
TG20:13 Pocket User Guide £6 zero VAT


The timescale for withdrawal of TG20:08 was 30 June 2014.

TG20:13 products are sold strictly on the basis that they are NOT FOR RESALE.