Why Choose an NASC Member?

By understanding what to expect from an NASC members you can obtain a high level of reassurance that when employing an NASC member to carry out work or supply equipment you are making an informed decision, you know what to expect, your expectations are met and of course ultimately you are making the right choice.


Specifying NASC members for all your Access and Scaffolding requirements has significant benefits.

The Benefits Of Using An NASC Member

Training. High quality training distinguishes NASC members from the rest of the industry.

Safety. Statutory obligations regarding health and safety are complied with.

Insurance. It is mandatory for members to have public and employer’s liability insurance cover.

Materials. All materials used conform to the highest standards, are regularly inspected and maintained.

Code of Practice. All members agree to abide by a strict code of conduct, backed by a disciplinary procedure.

Professional supervision. All work is carried out by registered operatives and is correctly supervised.

Information. Up to the minute guidance and information through regular NASC newsletters, annual reviews and bulletins.

Specialist Advice. NASC committees covering specialist areas such as health and safety and technical standards give members direct contact for advice.

Website. The NASC website www.nasc.org.uk, means you can now find the nearest available members to work on your site 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


The Risks Of Not Using An NASC Member

Danger. Non members may employ a high proportion of inexperienced and unskilled labour.

Reputation. Over and above the risk to the public and employees, using non members could also endanger the reputation of your organisation.

Equipment. Some non members use inadequate equipment or even stolen plant.

Uninsured. There is a possibility that non members will be underinsured or carry no public or employers liability insurance at all for their work.

No Code. With no code of practice non members are unaccountable for their actions.

No Support. When complex problems arrive, non members do not have NASC resources at their disposal to help clients in the way an NASC member does.

No Expertise. NASC members account for a significant share of all turnover in the industry. They have the vast majority of the expertise.

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Does selecting an NASC member actually make a difference?

Please see the specific example below to find out more.

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