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Why become an NASC member?

The NASC offers unparalleled membership benefits to scaffolding industry businesses of all types and turnovers.

These include technical and health & safety support, access to a share of £280,000 in NASC training funds and discounts on a range of ancillary products and services provided by NASC Information members.

NASC membership is also regarded by countless principal contractors, local authorities, utility providers and other organisations across the UK as a mark of quality, safety and professionalism.

Consequently, an increasing number of clients are specifying that the scaffolding providers they employ must be NASC members.

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TG20:21 is now live.

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NASC Reaches Guidance Milestone

The NASC has expanded its product purchasing guidance portfolio through the addition of PG8 and PG9.

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TG20:21 Compliance Sheet Milestone

More than 10,000 scaffolding compliance sheets were produced in the first seven weeks since the NASC’s new TG20:21 software was launched, new data has revealed.

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NASC Simplifies Membership Titles

The NASC has simplified its Full membership titles – replacing ‘Full Contracting’ and ‘Full Non-Contracting’ with ‘Contractor’ and ‘Supplier’.

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Did you know

We have close connections with major construction organisations such as Build UK, HSE, the Temporary Works Forum, Access Industry Forum and many more


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The NASC produces a broad selection of Contractual, Health & Safety, Technical and Product Purchasing guidance notes. The vast majority of these titles are available for FREE download.

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