National Access & Scaffolding Confederation

Setting the Standard for Scaffolding

NASC is the national trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK – established 1945 and now serving a family of 400+ leading contracting firms, scaffolding suppliers and manufacturers. Nearly 80 years later, raising and maintaining safety standards remains at the heart of the NASC’s objectives – driving every activity it undertakes.

The Confederation produces a wide range of industry-recognised health & safety, contractual, technical and product purchasing guidance for scaffolding contractors, their operatives and their clients – accepted as the industry standard by HSE, Build UK, CITB and principal contractors alike.

An up to date Guidance Index can be downloaded here. Guidance can be purchased here.

NASC members are strictly audited – ensuring the highest possible standards are met, confirming to our NASC Criteria, Code of Conduct and the Code of Practice for scaffolding products. It’s these high standards of our members’ access solutions that are recognised by construction industry leaders, who continue to stipulate NASC-only companies for access and scaffolding.

To view the current NASC Yearbook visit the Publications page here.

The NASC works with key industry organisations – driving up scaffolding safety standards, recommending good practice and keeping ahead of developments in the rapidly evolving construction industry. Many representatives from the top organisations listed below are members of NASC committees – focusing on particular areas of good practice, including Health & Safety.

Closer ties are constantly being developed with industry organisations. Significantly, links with HSE and Build UK help to mould requirements, and involvement with BSI and CEN and developing links with Europe (through UEG) are essential to the role of the NASC in the UK construction industry.


Why Specify NASC?

Bouygues UK, Multiplex Construction Europe and D E Group (UK) Ltd explain why they specify NASC-only for all their scaffolding needs.

Did you know

NASC members represent over 80% of the industry's total annual turn over? That's in excess of £2 billion.