NASC's direction and strategic decision-making is overseen by a number of elected officials and delivered by the Executive Team. The elected Council and Officers serve for two years and are made up from NASC members.


NASC has nine standing committees focusing on particular areas of best practice, from health and safety and contractual matters to technical assistance.

The committees are made up of representatives from NASC member companies as well as relevant partner agencies including HSE.

Each committee member gives up their time and expertise for the good of the scaffolding industry – helping to improve working conditions and practices wherever possible – benefiting not only those directly involved in scaffolding but also those who specify scaffolding contractors.

Outputs include the production of health and safety, contractual, technical and product purchasing guidance which are reviewed and updated as required to ensure they remain up-to-date and fit-for-purpose.

The following organogram outlines the position of NASC’s committees in the overall NASC organisation:

NASC Committees

Training and Education
Works to feed back from NASC’s membership about scaffolding training and education needs into ASITO, CISRS, CITB and other relevant bodies, including government.

Provides expert advice and guidance notes for members on contractual issues including general terms and conditions, payment issues and evaluation of the relevant regulations.

Health and Safety
Reviews NASC’s leading Health & Safety Guidance including SG4:22, enabling standards to be consistently improved and evaluated.

Membership Standards
Monitors NASC membership standards, ensuring they are relevant, auditable and effective.

Reviews NASC’s Technical Guidance and advises on technical matters arising within the industry, as well as feeding back from industry technical organisations such as British Standards Institution (BSI).

Membership Audit
Monitors the auditing of NASC’s contracting members and supplier members who submit their products for audit, making sure the audits remain the benchmark for good practice in the scaffolding industry.

Membership Recruitment / Benefits
Advises on the operation and development of new membership benefits as well as current benefits for the purpose of recruitment and retention of members.

Public Affairs and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Advises on current issues arising within the scaffolding industry where a public message needs to be presented to legislators or the general public, including feeding back from all members.

Advises on product manufacture, hire, sales, and supply chain matters arising within the industry, and reviews product purchase guidance.

The Articles of Association of the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation Limited (company registration number 04866191) can be found here.

Did you know

NASC members employ more than 16,000 scaffolding operatives between them.