Scaffolding Products

The NASC is proud to have 28 full Supplier members – representing the vast majority of the UK’s scaffolding equipment suppliers.

NASC members has successfully met the organization’s rigorous membership criteria, upholding high standards of safety, professionalism, and financial responsibility. These audits ensure that members contribute to the overall integrity of the scaffolding industry. By adhering to these criteria, NASC members demonstrate dedication to maintaining the highest standards within the construction and scaffolding sectors.

View the details of the criteria here – including the NASC Code of Practice (CoP) product audit that all members have completed.

This audit covers Quality Systems & Procedures, Product Testing, Raw Material & Components, Process Control, and where applicable, Environmental & Sustainability, Health & Safety and Ethical requirements. Where appropriate relevant BS, EN & ISO Standards are utilised.

QSI Ltd, a third-party consultancy, conducts audits at UK and global manufacturing sites of member companies. Where an NASC CoP product audit exists, supplier members are required to submit that product for audit.

For more on the CoP and to download a compliant product list click here.


Product Guidelines

NASC assists businesses in procuring scaffolding equipment through its series of Product Guidelines. These comprehensive guidelines cover crucial topics such as material specifications, load-bearing capacities, and adherence to safety regulations. They continuously update to reflect industry advancements, serving as a valuable resource for businesses navigating the marketplace. By following these guidelines, companies can make well-informed decisions. This ensures that the selected scaffolding equipment aligns with project needs, meets safety standards, and contributes to the overall efficiency of construction operations. In conclusion, NASC’s proactive approach underscores its commitment to promoting safety, compliance, and excellence in the scaffolding industry.

For products sourced from NASC-compliant companies, as demonstrated by the product assessment audit reports, no further action is required. If products are not sourced from NASC-compliant companies, we recommend following the guidelines. To download these guides, visit the Shop and select “Product Guidance” from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the screen.


Supplier Directory

To view our NASC equipment supplier member directory, click here and select “Full non-contracting member”.

Alternatively, to find an equipment supplier member in your area, click the “Find a Member” box at the top of this page, enter your postcode and press Enter. Then click the “Scaffolding Supplier” box to refine the results.

Did you know

NASC members employ more than 16,000 scaffolding operatives between them.