Product Code of Practice

The NASC Code of Practice (CoP) was originally introduced in 2007 for system scaffolds. The scope has since been expanded to incorporate EN39 tube, EN74-1 couplers, BS2482 timber board, aluminium beams, high tensile 3.2mm tube and prefabricated structural transoms or PSTs.

The rationale behind the NASC Code of Practice audit is to introduce a level of compliance that supplier members should adhere to, with the audit covering Quality Systems & Procedures, Product Testing, Raw Material & Components, Process Control, and where applicable, Environmental & Sustainability, Health & Safety and Ethical requirements. Where appropriate relevant BS, EN & ISO Standards are utilised.

Audits are carried out by a third party consultancy company QSI Ltd at member company UK sites and at manufacturing sites worldwide. Where an NASC CoP product audit exists, supplier members are required to submit that product for audit.

The audit is specific to new product at point of entry to the UK. In some instances the compliant products listed below are also supplied by other NASC hire/sale members.

Click here for a compliant product list in respect of specific scaffolding products submitted for third party audit by NASC member suppliers. For further details please contact the NASC member supplier directly.

NASC Aluminium Beam Audit Form – Issue 20

NASC BS2482 Timber Board Audit Form – Issue 16

NASC EN39 Tube Audit Form – Issue 16

NASC EN74-1 Coupler Audit Form – Issue 16

NASC EN10219 High Tensile Tube Audit Form – Issue 11

NASC System Scaffold Audit Form – Issue 24

NASC Pre-Fabricated Structural Transom Unit Audit Form – Issue 8

Structural Requirements and Test Procedures for TG20 Compliant Prefabricated Structural Transom Units


"We have worked with a number of NASC members and have seen first-hand the link between membership and the delivery of safe and secure scaffolding." - Ashley Daniels, Head of Temporary Works & Lifting at Hinkley Point C