Safe Scaffolding Charter

The NASC Safe Scaffolding Charter recognises the ever-growing number of organisations that place NASC membership at the heart of their scaffolding contractor procurement policies.

The Charter is open to any company that specifies ‘NASC-only’ in their scaffolding-related tender documents and/or has an established commercial relationship with a full NASC member for at least a year.

If your company is committed to specifying scaffolding contractors that are proven to be working to the highest standards and meets the qualifying criteria below, please email NASC Enquiries and he will send you a copy of the charter to sign.

Charter principles

Charter signatories recognise the value of specifying NASC only and have placed the NASC at the heart of their scaffolding procurement decisions.

Signatories understand that NASC Contractor members are:

  • audited every year, ensuring the highest possible standards are met
  • highly trained, with scaffolding operatives registered with the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)
  • established, having been trading for at least two years before applying for membership
  • required to provide evidence of SSIP accreditation through a recognised scheme
  • required to hold a minimum £10m EL and £5M PL Insurance

Qualifying criteria

To be eligible to sign the Charter, companies must either:

  • Specify NASC only in their scaffolding-related tender documents, or:
  • Have an established commercial relationship with a full NASC member/s, utilising the services of NASC Contractor member/s for at least a year


ADSL contract the best local businesses in and around the garrisons on Salisbury Plain and in Aldershot. The company has a strict policy and stipulates that all scaffold sub-contractors must be National Access and Scaffolding Confederation members, otherwise they would not be on the business’s approved vendor list. 

“We specify NASC membership to our scaffolders because of its industry set and recognised standards. These demonstrate consistency across our contractor base and are the benchmark standard, as well as highlighting their commitment to safety and high standards.

“Our-sub contractors rigidly follow national Health & Safety guidelines and have had an excellent safety record across the garrisons during the Army Basing Programme (ABP).”

Richard Tindal, ADSL’s Capital Projects Director

“At Multiplex we recognise the value of the NASC membership as a quality mark bringing a consistent and assurance-led approach to improving safety in one of the industry’s highest risk aspects of work at height.

“Our work in creating iconic high-rise buildings demands exacting standards to protect the workforce and the public from falls and falling objects and we see the use of NASC-only contractors as being in the best interests of everyone affected by our undertakings.”

Andrew Ridley-Barker, Multiplex’s Operations Director for Europe

“I am very encouraged by this approach from NASC. Anything that facilitates consistency of standards, common understanding, and drives improvement and development in this extremely high risk trade has got to be applauded.

“I am particularly proud of our own involvement with the NASC and look forward to seeing our positive contribution to change industry norms.”

Mike Robertson, Head of HSE at Hinkley Point C

“I am delighted with our membership and look forward to working together with an organisation that proactively contributes to the safety of the construction industry. 

“Building on our own project values of humility, positivity, respect, clarity and solidarity, I also recognise the very significant contribution NASC provides to the scaffolding community. It’s clear that membership has a significant and long-standing positive effect in delivering safe and secure scaffolding across the largest project in Europe.”

Ashley Daniels, Head of Temporary Works & Lifting at Hinkley Point C

“Our work across the MoD Estate requires us to use competent scaffolding suppliers on many of our projects. Being part of the NASC Safe Scaffolding Charter demonstrates Amey’s commitment to the safety of our workforce, client and customers by only using NASC member scaffold contractors, ensuring a high standard of work is achieved in this high-risk activity.”

Peter Franklin, HSEQ Director for Amey’s Defence contracts

“Taking fully into account the high risk nature of scaffolding works it is vital that clients and key stakeholders have absolute confidence in the competence, quality and professionalism of their appointed contractor. 

“The NASC Safe Scaffolding Charter is regarded by our organisation as a benchmark of these attributes and is something that we are very proud to support.”

Marc Smith, Group SHEQ Director, the DE Group of Companies

“As the head of health and safety for a small to medium enterprise such as Knight Harwood, it is reassuring to know that our Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers only have NASC member companies to choose from when compiling bid lists for new projects.  

“Scaffolding will always be amongst the most challenging aspects of the construction phase, especially during projects in urban areas. There is no higher benchmark than the NASC in the construction industry when engaging competent scaffold companies.

“Consequently, from a moral, civil and legal point of view, I am very comfortable signing this Safe Scaffolding Charter.”

Steve Fitzpatrick, Senior H&S Manager at Knight Harwood

Did you know

The NASC has been setting the standard for scaffolding since 1945.