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The NASC ePortal comprises the eGuide, the Operational Guide and the Design Guide.

Existing TG20:13 users  – Register for TG20:21, you will need your TG20:13 serial number.  You will get at least 3 months free use before you need to buy a renewal subscription.

New TG20 usersBuy a new TG20:21 subscription.  Registration instructions will be sent by email following purchase, during office hours.


The NASC’s eagerly-anticipated eGuide scaffolding compliance software update and expansion – TG20:21 – is now available.

TG20 provides the definitive guidance for scaffolding constructed with tube and fittings throughout the UK.  TG20 comprises 4 elements – the Operational Guide, the Design Guide, the User Guide and the NASC’s innovative, user-friendly and widely-adopted eGuide software.

Users can access TG20:21 – including the associated and updated Operational and Design Guides – via the NASC ePortalThe updated User Guide booklet will be published in May, printed versions of the Operational and Design guides will follow.

In accessing TG20:21 via the NASC ePortal, users agree to abide by the Subscription Agreement and the End User Licence Agreement.

The ePortal is hosted in a Microsoft Azure data centre in Europe, which is accredited to ISO 27001:

Lists of principle changes between TG20:13 guidance and TG20:21 guidance can be found at the back of the TG20:21 Design Guide and Operational Guide, they can also be found here:

TG20:21 eGuide builds on the TG20:13 eGuide software, with a number of revisions and additions to make the process of producing a compliant scaffold even simpler.  Additions include exterior birdcages, tube and fitting mobile towers, tube and fitting loading bays without beams and tied independent scaffolds with three inside boards.

The TG20 compliance sheet is now double-sided, with the illustration and principal compliance criteria on the front side and the detailed compliance criteria listed on the reverse in landscape format.

New subscriptions and subscriptions renews and be purchased from the NASC website shop.  An itemised price list is available here.

See below for how to access TG20:21.

Existing users of the TG20:13 eGuide

TG20 eGuide users are identified by 16-digit serial numbers allocated at the time of purchase. Existing users can find their serial number by pressing the information i on the eGuide home screen.

Existing TG20 serial numbers were uploaded to the NASC ePortal Subscription Management system before the launch. Each number was marked as either an NASC member or not an NASC member, and given a free period depending on the original date of purchase.

One serial number for each NASC full member was set up as a continuous free subscription, the free subscription will last for as long as they remain an NASC member.

The free periods will start on the date of the launch and will last for 3 months, 9 months or 15 months depending on the user’s original date of purchase.

Users with TG20:13 serial numbers can follow this link to the new ePortal and use their existing serial number to register a login.  The name of the business will already be in the system.

To change the business name, users will need to email The registration process will set up a user name, email address, job title and password. The process is designed to be quick and easy.

Users can continue to use their TG20:13 eGuide while they try out the new ePortal version.  Users will need to purchase a subscription renewal, via the NASC website shop, in order to continue using their serial number when the free period expires.

Subscription renewals can be bought before the expiry of the previous period, the new subscription period will be started from the end of the previous period.

Currently the NASC website is not connected to the NASC ePortal so there will be a delay between subscription renewal on the website and activation on the portal. In time the two systems will be connected so the portal subscription will be updated automatically immediately following a purchase.

New users

New users can purchase a subscription via the NASC website shop.  The purchase process captures the business name, contact email address and any NASC membership details.

As above, the NASC web site is not connected to the NASC ePortal so there will be a delay between subscription purchase on the website and activation on the portal. Purchasers will receive an email telling them when their subscription has been set up and how to log in.  In time the two systems will be connected so the ePortal subscription will be added automatically, immediately following a purchase.

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