TG20 provides the definitive guidance for scaffolding constructed with tube and fittings throughout the UK.  The guide comprises of four elements; the Operational Guide, the Design Guide, the User Guide and the NASC’s innovative, user-friendly and widely-adopted eGuide software.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires that the scaffolding industry adheres to National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) guidelines, including the TG20 guide, for industry standards. The TG20 guide is a technical industry guidance on the use of the European Standard BS EN12811-1, and applies to all tube and fitting scaffolding from the most basic to the most complex of scaffold structures . NASC has produced TG20:21, which provides definitions of TG20 compliant scaffolds, which have been designed by structural calculation to BS EN 12811.

Through TG20:21 the guides and eGuide are now available online, with the improved and expanded software and the associated and updated Operational and Design Guides accessible via the NASC ePortal.  Printed versions of the guides are also available.

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NASC ePortal subscription costs

New subscriptions and subscription renewals and be purchased from the NASC website shop. Users can pay for subscriptions on a one- or three-year basis. Discounts are available to NASC members and for longer subscriptions.  An itemised price list is available here.

Accessing the NASC ePortal

New TG20 usersBuy a new TG20:21 subscription. The purchase process captures the business name, contact email address and any NASC membership details. Registration instructions will be sent by email following purchase.

Subscription renewals can be bought here before the expiry of the previous period, the new subscription period will be started from the end of the previous period.

What’s new in TG20:21

The TG20:21 eGuide builds on the TG20:13 eGuide software, with a number of revisions and additions to make the process of producing a compliant scaffold even simpler. Additions include exterior birdcages, tube and fitting mobile towers, tube and fitting loading bays without beams and tied independent scaffolds with three inside boards.

The TG20 compliance sheet is now double-sided, with the illustration and principal compliance criteria on the front side and the detailed compliance criteria listed on the reverse in landscape format.

The NASC and CADS co-hosted a webinar to explain what’s included in TG20:21. This session can be viewed here.

The NASC has produced a PowerPoint presentation that provides a brief introduction to TG20:21 for scaffolders. It can be downloaded here. It explains what TG20 is and why it is needed as well as outlines some of the principal changes from the previous edition.

Lists of principal changes between TG20:13 guidance and TG20:21 guidance can be found at the back of the TG20:21 Design Guide and Operational Guide, they can also be found here:

The updated User Guide booklet was published in May, printed versions of the Operational and Design guides will be available shortly.

Other NASC ePortal information

In accessing TG20:21 via the NASC ePortal, users agree to abide by the Subscription Agreement and the End User Licence Agreement.

The ePortal is hosted in a Microsoft Azure data centre in Europe, which is accredited to ISO 27001.

Users of the TG20:21 ePortal should be competent. Please see here for information on user competency.

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