News 25/10/23

Government's £200 Million Boost to Decarbonize the Logistics Sector: A Positive Step for Scaffolding Contractors

Government’s £200 Million Boost to Decarbonize the Logistics Sector: A Positive Step for Scaffolding Contractors

The UK government’s recent announcement of a £200 million investment to decarbonize the logistics sector is a promising development for scaffolding contractors. In a week of new initiatives aimed at highlighting the crucial role of freight in the UK, this funding represents a significant stride towards sustainability and economic growth. The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) welcomes this initiative as a move in the right direction.

The funds will be distributed among four innovative green projects, with a primary focus on introducing 370 zero-emission Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) to reduce the carbon footprint in road freight. Additionally, the investment will establish 57 refueling and electric charging sites, an essential infrastructure step towards decarbonization.

Kate Jennings, Director of Policy at Logistics UK, underlines the importance of the government’s commitment to decarbonize the sector. She emphasizes the need for swift progress to meet impending decarbonization deadlines, acknowledging that the sector’s rapid transition is vital.

Moreover, the launch of Calls for Evidence as part of Freight Week signifies a continued commitment to finding innovative ways to decarbonize the freight industry. These initiatives aim to make the sector more efficient while reducing its environmental impact.

This announcement also includes a review of the Mode Shift Revenue Support and Waterborne Freight Grant. This review will explore ways to shift freight from roads to more sustainable modes like rail and water transportation. It addresses the concern that the current Mode Shift Revenue Support scheme disproportionately favors rail freight and the need to create a level playing field for waterborne freight.

NASC’s support for these developments reflects the industry’s commitment to sustainability and its desire for efficient, environmentally friendly logistics solutions. As the government continues to invest in the green transformation of the logistics sector, scaffolding contractors can anticipate a more sustainable and cost-effective future for their operations.