News 02/11/23

NASC Announces New Charter to Enhance Quality and Standards of Scaffolding Industry

NASC Unveils New Charter to Enhance Quality and Standards in the Scaffolding Industry

National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) is pleased to announce that it has updated its membership charter to reflect the latest developments and best practices in the scaffolding industry. The new charter aims to provide increased inspection on the quality of the scaffolding produced and is being presented to its membership at the AGM.

Central to the new charter is an unwavering commitment to quality scaffolding works that strictly adhere to NASC’s published guidelines and best practices, extending this rigor to members’ yards.

The charter places a renewed emphasis on employment and personnel standards, ensuring that all operatives, regardless of their employment method, receive the same level of support and treatment as those directly employed. This approach promotes flexibility and quality employment for both contractors and operatives.

While NASC remains a staunch advocate for direct employment, it recognizes the diverse employment arrangements within the industry. To maintain high standards across all methods, the charter mandates that members undergo thorough assessments to ensure that all operatives receive the same level of support and treatment within the confines of their contractual guidelines.

The new charter was approved by Council and will be announced at the AGM on Friday the 17th November. Jamie McGuire, NASC’s Membership Manager comments: “We are enormously proud of our new charter, which reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in the scaffolding industry. We believe that these changes will enhance the quality and standards of our members’ work, as well as their reputation and customer satisfaction. We hope that our members will embrace the new charter and see it as an opportunity to grow and improve their businesses.”

Clive Dickin CEO of NASC commented: “NASC is the most progressive and open trade association for scaffolding and access contractors in the UK, we welcome any business that is committed to delivering the highest qualities to its clients. Minimal risk, high efficiency should be the key focus, with quality assurance to clients through NASC Membership Charter. In the past NASC has focused on blunt tests, the new charter will allow quality outcomes from high quality scaffolding contracting businesses to shine.”

If you would like to discuss membership or how the changes of the charter affects you or your business please email, alternatively we will be holding a webinar on 13th December 2023 to outline in detail the changes. The webinar is open to non-members.