News 19/06/2024

NASC Launches Latest Safety Report Highlighting Continual Improvement in Safety Standards


National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) is proud to announce the release of its 2024 Safety Report, emphasising the unwavering commitment to maintaining and enhancing safety standards within the scaffolding industry. Since 1975, NASC has diligently collated and issued accident statistics, serving as a crucial reminder of the industry’s evolution and the ongoing importance of prioritising safety.

This year’s Safety Report showcases the sustained level of health and safety achieved by NASC members. It reflects the dedication and diligence of scaffolding contractors in ensuring the well-being of their workforce and others. As a mandatory membership requirement, all contracting members of NASC are required to complete their annual accident returns, ensuring comprehensive and accurate data.

Key Highlights of the 2024 Safety Report:
• Zero Fatalities in 2023: There were no fatalities reported among operatives, marking a significant achievement within the industries safety efforts.
• Comprehensive Data: The report is based on 2023 data, from information provided from 16,667 scaffolding and access workers across 280+ contracting members.
• No accidents to members of the public were recorded.

This report shows that almost 80% of all reported accidents were attributed to three types of events: manual handling, slips & trips, and falls from height.
• Manual Handling: As this was identified as one of the biggest hazards, NASC released the SG6 digitalised manual handling video in 2024 in response to this risk. This drives better training and highlights additional site risks and preventative measures including falls from height, prevention of slips & trips and protection of the public.
• Slips and Trips: With 28 accidents recorded in 2023, NASC issued two user guides to address this risk. The SG6 Manual Handling video and User Guide now includes detailed guidance for employers to assess ground conditions and recommendations to incorporate NASC guidance into their Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS).
• Falls from Height: With 16 incidents reported in 2023, fall prevention remains a top priority for improvement. NASC continues to produce a range of guidance to further raise awareness and drive safer work at height. These include the SG4 User Guide and the SG6 Manual Handling video, which portray best practices for working at height.

The 2024 Safety Report demonstrates that NASC member accident rates are lower than comparable construction industry accident statistics supplied by the HSE. This highlights that using a NASC member for scaffolding ensures a safer and more compliant scaffold than those provided by non-regulated companies. This annual report not only emphasises the sustained safety performance within our membership but also our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

The NASC Safety Report is available for free download on our website. Visit to access the full report.