News / 08.03.2023

NASC Spring Regional Meetings go green

The NASC has run its Spring Regional Meetings virtually over a series of five Zoom webinars – in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation, in line with one of new President, David Brown’s presidential objectives, sustainability.


The decision to run the green meetings virtually has led to at least 300 peoples’ journeys not taking place  – including the NASC staff having to travel the length and breadth of the country from Exeter in the South West to London, Liverpool, Coventry and up to Perth in Scotland. The reduction in carbon emissions from the organisation and its members is significant.


And as the meetings are virtual and less time consuming, the NASC President David Brown and Acting MD, Dave Mosley themselves have been able to attend all five meetings – tapping into the issues of the regions, with live webinar Q&A sessions.


The NASC Regional Meetings included two presentations – one on mental health awareness and support by Tom McConkey of The Lighthouse Club Charity, and the second by David Apparicio of The Chrysalis Programme, on helping to provide an engaging way to help prisoners think differently, change attitudes and in turn change their lives, possibly through a career in scaffolding.


And as usual, there were reviews of the NASC Standing Committees; including ASITO training, membership and compliance, health and safety, technical, marketing and current affairs, contracts, hire, sales and manufacturing and the ePortal.


The standing committee reports also included another boost for David Brown’s green presidential mission – the launch of the NASC SE1:22 ‘Becoming Net Zero Carbon.’ This guidance note is now on the ePortal for members to download, with more guidance set to follow in 2023, such as SE4:23 ‘ A Guide to the Reduction of Transport Emissions.’


Additionally in the meetings, two member polls were conducted: 1. What are the main brands and models of system stair towers alongside tube and fitting scaffolds. 2. The possible merits of audio guidance notes. Combined results from all five meetings will follow in due course.


Finally, along with AOB from each region, arrangements for the 2023 NASC Awards and Ball were discussed, along with plans for the next round of face to face regional meetings.


Acting NASC Managing Director, Dave Mosley said: “Whilst we fully appreciate the importance of meeting the members face-to-face (and the important networking that goes on directly after the regional meetings), these virtual meetings have been a great success, saving our busy team and the members lots of time, as well as radically reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint. To strike a good balance, the NASC Autumn Regional meetings will remain on location and in person, but this is a good step in the right direction towards greater sustainability.”


NASC President, David Brown added: “Improving the organisation and membership’s sustainability all starts with small steps here and there and this decision to hold the Spring regionals virtually is one of those small steps. The carbon emissions saving has also contributed to a significant cost and time saving, for NASC staff and members alike. These are little wins in the big picture, but wins none the less. And it all helps in our mission towards net zero.”