News 04/09/23

NASC Voices Members’ Views on ITB Review

NASC Voices Members’ Views on ITB Review

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has submitted its response to the Department of Education’s review of the Construction and Engineering Construction Industry Training Boards (CITB and ECITB). The review is part of a wider programme across Government seeking stakeholder views on the current and future operation of the Boards to ensure that “Arm’s Length Bodies” remain effective.

As the industry recognised trade body in the UK, NASC represents scaffolding contractors across the country and requires its contracting members to pay levy to the training board that is relevant to their sector, either CITB or ECITB. NASC has sought the views and feedback of its members on how well the Boards perform and serve their needs, and has incorporated their opinions in its response to the review.

The ITB Review Team will consider all evidence submitted and it will be used to inform recommendations to Ministers. The outcome of the review will be published on GOV.UK and will be circulated to the NASC.

NASC has a long and successful history of working collaboratively with CITB, especially in developing and delivering industry approved CISRS Training to the scaffolding sector via its National Construction Colleges. However, recent dialogue with the membership suggests that CITB’s standing within the sector may be in decline.

Dave Mosley, NASC Director of Training, said “The members would like CITB to continue to offer industry approved CISRS Training to the sector via its National Construction Colleges, increase support of and capacity for scaffolding apprenticeships, actively promote construction and scaffolding particularly, as a viable and rewarding career path both to new entrants and to those looking to retrain. Streamlining some of the bureaucracy which makes it difficult to access funding and having more direct contact with CITB advisors would also be welcomed.”

NASC also recognises the role and value of ECITB for scaffolding contractors who work in the engineering construction industry. NASC supports ECITB’s efforts to provide relevant training, qualifications and standards for this sector, as well as its initiatives to attract and retain talent, such as the Engineering Construction Industry Training Programme.

NASC hopes that the ITB review will result in improved outcomes and services for scaffolding contractors and the wider construction industry. NASC will continue to work closely with both CITB and ECITB to ensure that scaffolding training and skills are delivered to the highest standards