Browne's Scaffolding Ltd

Browne's Scaffolding Ltd are experts in the scaffolding industry and are committed to achieving industry best practices by providing the best services and products the scaffold industry has to offer.
BSL only employ highly experienced and qualified staff and operate in all areas of the UK and have even ventured into Europe on occasion. We are able to cater for all your Scaffolding needs and have the experience to work in a large range of locations including Industrial sites, waste and water treatment sites, historical, commercial and residential properties to name but a few.
BSL also have fully qualified operatives that can work in confined space environments and we also have our own Shrink Wrap encapsulation team.

Head Office:

Barton Farm,Berthersden,,
TN26 3ND

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Did you know ?

We have close connections with major construction organisations such as Build UK, HSE, the Temporary Works Forum, Access Industry Forum and many more