Welcome to Strata Windows
Since 1981 we have been the choice of thousands of satisfied customers, often serving several generations within an individual family.

Our moto of price, quality and service has been an important focus as without all three, no one can offer a truly customer focused product range. With a recommendation rate of over 80% we know we have exactly what our customers want and a level of service the envy of the rest.

Our reputation has been built not only in the domestic sector, but also in the commercial sector as we are one of the preferred suppliers to schools, colleges architects and specifiers. Strata Group have a full and diverse product range available including upvc, hardwood, aluminium and composite materials.

Head Office:

Forge Lane, Festival Park,

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Did you know ?

We have close connections with major construction organisations such as Build UK, HSE, the Temporary Works Forum, Access Industry Forum and many more