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The seal of approval for scaffolding and access in the UK

Why become an NASC member?

The NASC offers unparalleled membership benefits to scaffolding industry businesses of all types and turnovers.

These include technical and health & safety support, access to a share of £280,000 in NASC training funds and discounts on a range of ancillary products and services provided by NASC Information members.

NASC membership is also regarded by countless principal contractors, local authorities, utility providers and other organisations across the UK as a mark of quality, safety and professionalism.

Consequently, an increasing number of clients are specifying that the scaffolding providers they employ must be NASC members.

The NASC is the national trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK – established 1945 and now serving a family of 300+ leading contracting firms, scaffolding suppliers and manufacturers.

The Confederation produces a wide range of industry-recognised safety & technical guidance for scaffolding contractors, their operatives and their clients – accepted as the industry standard by HSE, Build UK, CITB & principal contractors alike.

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Why choose an NASC member?

NASC full contracting members are demonstrably safe, skilled, trained, insured and compliant. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to attain or retain NASC membership.

This gives the companies and organisations that employ their services a number of assurances. They can be sure they’re taking on contractors that are professional, reliable, experienced and used to delivering high-quality scaffolding solutions and working with other trades on site without accident or injury.

This all adds up to peace of mind that the NASC contractor you employ is capable, competent and can carry out the job in hand.

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Alastair Mackenzie: In Memoriam

The NASC is saddened to hear of the passing of Alastair Mackenzie, whose close involvement with the NASC dates back almost 30 years.

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PERI UK Gains CISRS Accreditation

New centre will deliver a range of scaffolding training courses

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New H&S Committee Vice Chair

Kate Thomson, of Thomson Scaffolding Ltd, chosen as Health and Safety Committee vice chair

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Did you know

We have close connections with major construction organisations such as Build UK, HSE, the Temporary Works Forum, Access Industry Forum and many more


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