News / 23.11.22

Incoming NASC President David Brown outlines core goals in NASC Awards speech

David’s primary focus will be supporting NASC member companies through the labour shortages, by subsidising training of new starters – Scaffolding and office based, newly qualified Scaffolders, Advanced Scaffolders, Scaffold Supervisors and both CISRS System Scaffold Product Training Scheme (SSPTS) and system inspection endorsements.


David said “We must recruit new starters into the industry.  We rely on new blood coming into Scaffolding to keep this amazing trade going.  As well as recruiting new starters it is vital that we improve the skills shortage in the Construction Industry and that NASC members continue to train and up skill their work force, this is why NASC are making available to member companies training grants on the scale that has not been offered before.”


The NASC will issue clear guidance on the qualifying criteria in the coming weeks.


He will also be supporting NASC member companies and the wider scaffolding sector into achieving carbon neutrality.


David said: “The Environment is without question something I am passionate about and I want to be able to help reduce the environmental impact our industry has during my term as President. Carbon Net Zero is being discussed more and more within the construction sector. The NASC intends to fully support and guide the membership through this and to ensure all of our members are able to meet with the Government requirements.


“The NASC appreciates the difficulty trading in this industry at this moment in time and has no intention of making it even harder by putting obstacles in members way that impact on their business. But Carbon Net Zero is approaching and all businesses must be compliant by 2050. Rather than adding this to the membership criteria without offering help and support, the NASC will be providing guidance, access to information and supporting our members in order for you to achieve this. We recently issued guidance note SE1:22 – Becoming Net Zero Carbon, which explains what carbon net zero is and the new language that is used to describe this initiative. But more will follow.”


David’s strategies and net zero campaign details will be unveiled in due course, but the mission has already started – by offsetting the carbon output generated from hosting the NASC Awards 2022 in central London, by planting 120 trees this December, using Exeter-based firm Oak Offset.


David is also keen to support charities in his two-year term as NASC President.


The NASC’s charity of choice is The Lighthouse Club – who provide financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families – and they will continue to receive the organisation’s support, pledged in earnest on the evening of the NASC Awards, with a cheque for £5,000.


And David has also chosen to support Young Epilepsy – a charity close to his heart, as David explains: “The reason for choosing Young Epilepsy as my selected charity is due to the support the charity has provided both myself and my wife Louise through their online platforms following our daughter Alex’s diagnosis with epilepsy. Alex developed epilepsy when she was two. She is now six and absolutely loving life, she doesn’t’t let her epilepsy hold her back. She embraces everything with a smile and a laugh that is truly amazing.  We have been able to use Young Epilepsy’s guidance to learn more about epilepsy and how we as a family ensure Alex has the all the support and love she needs.”


The CEO of Young Epilepsy, Mark Devlin was presented with a cheque for £5,000 from the NASC on the evening of the NASC Awards 2022, as a gesture of David’s commitment to the charity.


Speaking to the audience at the NASC AGM/Awards 2022, NASC President, David Brown added: “We can’t stand still. We must keep on improving. This is why we conducted the B2B business review of the NASC, today we have re-launched the NASC charter and will be publishing the NASC business development plan. We’ve listened to our members, clients and prospective members to ensure NASC remains relevant to all sectors of industry today. I’m proud to say that it is and it will continue under my Presidency to better represent member’s needs, promote NASC only status from main contractors and clients and also continue the work being done towards tackling the labor shortage in our sector.


“Scaffolding is a fantastic sector to work in, we need to promote this more widely. We need to be proud of our NASC. Our members don’t just pay for a badge and then buy guidance from elsewhere. NASC members are the leaders in our Industry.


“I’d like to announce my full support the NASC promoting ‘NASC only’ to main contractors, clients, local authorities and Government. Over recent years the criteria from main contractors have changed. ‘NASC Member Companies Only’ used to be the criteria on PQQ documents issued. During my term as President, we need to get back to this.


“My message to main contractors is simple…


“Do you want to employ scaffolding contractors who help produce the industry guidance and set the standard for the scaffolding industry?  Do you want to employ the scaffolding contractors who year after year and reducing their accident statistics and improving the industry? Do you want safe and compliant companies working on your projects? Do you want scaffolding companies who are fully audited and who are using materials fully in accordance with NASC product purchasing guidelines?


“Only by employing a NASC member company do you get this as a minimum.”