News / 27.05.21

NASC Simplifies Membership Titles

New logos created for Full members

The NASC has simplified its Full membership titles – replacing ‘Full Contracting’ and ‘Full Non-Contracting’ with ‘Contractor’ and ‘Supplier’.

As part of this change, the NASC has produced two revised Full member logos, creating separate designs for Contractor and Supplier members that bring them into line with the artwork of the other three NASC membership types.

The split comes a year after the NASC created a distinct Design membership category. Previously Design members were treated as Information members.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “We’re keen to make it as simple as possible to distinguish between the five NASC membership types. The process of attaining NASC membership differs greatly from type to type, with all NASC Contractor members regularly audited and NASC Supplier members required to demonstrate compliance with a rigorous product code of practice at audit.

“Ensuring that these differences are understood and seen is important to the NASC, its members and their clients, who continue to equate NASC membership with a trusted mark of quality.”

The NASC currently has more than 300 members across its five membership groups. Its largest group, Contractor members, manage more than 80% of the UK’s annual scaffolding industry spend.

NASC Suppliers members represent almost every major player in the UK’s scaffolding hire, sales and manufacturing sector.

Design, Information and International Information membership all continue to grow at pace.

For more about the benefits, criteria and costs of all five membership types, click here.


Did you know

NASC members account for the vast majority of the UK’s scaffolding spend – with a total annual turnover in excess of £2 billion.