News / 18.05.2023

NASC Supports Mental Health Awareness Week 15-21st May 2023

With a longstanding commitment to mental health and well-being, the NASC proudly participates in Mental Health Awareness Week, a vital annual event. This week serves as a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to prioritize mental health within the construction industry. As we delve into the activities showcased during this impactful week, we also reflect on our history of support and the milestones we have achieved in raising awareness and promoting positive change.

Join us as we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week from May 15th to 21st, 2023, and discover the incredible work the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) does to champion mental health and wellness within the construction industry.


For the fourth consecutive year, NASC proudly reaffirms its dedication to promoting mental health well-being in the construction sector by signing the Mental Health Charter. This initiative is part of the esteemed Building Mental Health charity campaign. By participating in this charter, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to fostering awareness of mental health challenges, educating our workforce, and providing access to essential Mental Health First Aid training.

Guidance for Mental Health and Well-being in the workplace

NASC actively engages in both internal and external efforts to prioritize mental health matters and offer vital support to the construction industry. Our esteemed Health and Safety Committee has diligently developed the SG38:19 Guidance on Mental Health Wellbeing guide, designed specifically to combat the stigma associated with mental health within the access and scaffolding industry. This comprehensive resource empowers employers to gain a deeper understanding of mental health, enabling them to create robust action plans that allow their employees to thrive in the workplace. Furthermore, the guide offers valuable advice and contact details of other organizations dedicated to providing support. Members of the NASC can download a copy of our  SG38:19 Mental Health and Wellbeing Guide from their members area. For non-members are able to purchase the guide from our online shop

NASC Mental Health First Aid Training Grant

The NASC has a dedicated funding pool of £30,000 for members to claim for Mental Health First Aid Training. NASC members now have the opportunity to claim up to £125 towards the cost of completing a mental health first aid course. These courses equip individuals with the skills to recognize and assist those experiencing mental health challenges or crises, ensuring timely support is provided. Mental Health First Aid training not only fosters a sense of safety, calmness, and connectedness but also helps to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. By raising awareness and understanding, we empower individuals and society as a whole to identify signs of mental distress and offer the appropriate support.

Working with our partner organisations, the NASC’s commitment to mental health in the construction industry goes beyond Mental Health Awareness Week. Through the Mental Health Charter, guidance, and training grants, we drive lasting positive change and brighter and healthier future awaits the entire construction sector.