News / 30.04.21

NASC Kickstart Numbers Soar Past 400 Placements

77 members offering work experience to young people

More than 430 work placements are now being offered to young jobseekers across the UK through the NASC’s Kickstart gateway.

A total of 77 NASC members – both contractors and suppliers – have signed up to the Kickstart Scheme through the NASC, committing to provide six-month work placements to out of work 18–24-year-olds.

Fifty members signed up at the launch of the scheme earlier this year, providing scaffolding industry experience to 310 young people.

A second wave of support has now seen this number swell to 434.

Interviews with potential recruits have been carried in the past months and an increasing number of people have now started their placements.

These include Brian Murray, who has joined Form Access Scaffolding Ltd. He said: “I really didn’t see much of a future for myself. But now thanks to Form Access Ltd and the Kickstart Scheme I’ve got a chance to be settled, learn a trade and get myself to a financially stable place.”

Henry Annafi, NASC Training Officer, said: “NASC have really got behind the NASC’s Kickstart gateway. The initial interest was absolutely overwhelming and this has only gone from strength to strength.

“Placements are now being made thick and fast, which has led to a second wave of support – with new members joining the gateway and those already signed up committing to take more young people on.

“We’re proud to have the one of largest Kickstart gateways in the construction industry and the largest scaffolding gateway. I’d like to thank the NASC members once again for their enthusiasm.

“Their efforts will bring 400+ new people into the industry for an initial six-month period. With many members already signalling their intent to convert these placements into full-time positions we’re confident that this will lead to hundreds of new scaffolding industry careers.”


Did you know

NASC members account for the vast majority of the UK’s scaffolding spend – with a total annual turnover in excess of £2 billion.