News / 01.06.20

NASC Launches Design Membership Category

Fifth membership category now available to scaffolding designers

The NASC has launched a new NASC Design Membership category focused exclusively on scaffolding design.

NASC Design membership is open to UK-based scaffolding design consultants. As with all NASC membership categories, there is a set of minimum requirements businesses must meet in order to attain membership.

For NASC Design Members, these requirements relate to competence – a combination of qualifications and experience.

Many UK scaffolding design businesses are currently NASC Information Members. These members have been given the opportunity to complete the new NASC Design Membership application form with a view to transferring over to NASC Design Membership in July.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “The new NASC Design membership category provides greater recognition for scaffolding designers than was previously provided through the general NASC Information Membership category.

“By setting design-specific criteria we have also ensured that NASC Design Membership is valued by the scaffolding industry – seen as a mark of quality and expertise, in the same way that NASC Full Contracting and NASC Full Non-Contracting membership is.”

James Attridge, NASC Technical Committee chair, added: “By appointing an NASC approved Design member, scaffolding contractors can be confident that these companies have the relevant experience, qualifications and Professional Indemnity insurance cover to carry out the project in hand.”

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