News / 14.06.21

NASC Reaches Guidance Milestone

100 titles now available in the NASC Shop

The NASC has expanded its product purchasing guidance portfolio through the addition of PG8 and PG9.

PG8:21 provides guidelines for those looking to source ancillary scaffolding components such as girder couplers, flange clamps and non-timber scaffold boards, while PG9:21 offers purchasing guidelines for scaffold ladders required to provide access and egress within scaffolds.

As ladders manufactured to BS EN 131-1:2015 + A1:2019 are generally unsuitable for use on scaffolding, PG9:21 provides the required specification for scaffold ladders.

Both titles are available for free download via the NASC website. Hard copies can also be purchased, with each costing £6 for non-NASC members and £2.80 for NASC members.

These additions take the total number of products available in the NASC Shop to 100. Guidance notes are split into a number of categories, including Health & Safety, Technical, Contractual, Asset Protection and Product Purchasing.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “The NASC is proud to have reached this guidance milestone. The 100 titles now available via the NASC shop provide invaluable assistance to scaffolding contractors on a wide variety of topics.

“These titles are produced and regularly updated by NASC members sitting on the various NASC Committees, who give their time and experience free of charge to help create guidance that can be used by everyone working in the scaffolding industry.”

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NASC Guidance

H&S – 39

Contractual – 22

Technical – 21

Product Purchasing – 9

Free – 8

Asset Protection – 1


Did you know

The NASC has set up a dedicated scaffolding careers website.

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